1. Bug in the buying off someone's wishlist system...

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    Hi fellow shoppers 😊

    Just thought I'd share the following knowledge I found out today...

    if buying someone something off of their wishlist, the system won't let you use a card, it'll just keep taking you back to the 1st page- 'begin transaction,' where you select or deselect OH! Points to use and payment method...

    To get the payment to work, you need to select 'cheque or bank transfer' option, and then someone at Customer Services can help you link the order to your account, when you get the order number through.

    I did check my cookies setting on my tablet, but that didn't solve the issue. As soon as I mentioned I was buying a gift off a wishlist, I was informed of the 'bug'.

    Hope that helps save some keyboard/touchscreen bashing!!

    👯 xxx

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