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    Morning Lovehoney Members

    Does the Lovehoney community do a Secret Santa for Christmas?

    I was just thinking that the Lovehoney company could set up a link that you can buy your friends or anyone else something from there wishlist. Another idea is Lovehoney put on a selection of Cloths, toys and other items just for a bit of fun around Christmas maybe?

    There could be a certain amount set, which would allow everyone to spend the same on as each other. We do this at work and it's great and something to look forward to.

    Just a bit of fun maybe?

    Kind Regards,


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    I thought the things you mentioned was something Lovehoney did anyway lol apart from the certain amount of spending anyway

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    Love honey do this already you have the ability to buy someone something off their wish list if they have made a public wishlist

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    You can already buy anyone who has a public wishlist anything from that wishlist, so that part is in place.

    The problem with a proper 'secret santa' would be getting someone to co ordinate it, i.e. gather the names of everyone who wants to take part, get everyone to create a 'secret santa' wishlist with appropriately priced items and then email everyone who their matches are (as to announce them via a forum thread would obviously not be secret!) and give a due date for sending the gifts. To do so via Lovehoney (rather than twitter or some other external source which would likely leave some people out) we'd really need a staff member with some free time. Which I am not sure we have considering this is a busy period for all businesses! :p

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    Cheers Everyone for your reply's

    I understand that you can buy for people and use their wishlist, it was the Secret Santa for Christmas idea I was looking at.

    I'm new to Lovehoney and was just putting an idea to you all. Thanks for the feedback and maybe very soon, I may be able to send a gift or two, to my fellow lady's

    Thank you again.

    Kind Regards,


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    I do love the idea, but it'll probably be near impossible to implement as Lovebirds_x has already highlighted.

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    I agree with what's been said. A lovely idea if the wrinkles could be ironed out.

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