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    I have an E-stim and quite a lot of accessories to go with it, its something I consider as luxury item for myself. Sadly none of those really appeal to me..

    I guess the first maybe with the silicone pads? The sticky pads I have right now only have a few uses before they start running out so I'd love to try these silicone ones and I'd be happy to buy them on their own as I got on really well with the E-Stim silicone accessories.

    Price isn't a major issue for me, if it's something for my kit I really don't mind spending a little bit extra on E-Stim products. If we were going on the silicone pads as a single option £25-30? But the kit say £170-200 ?

    I really liked the idea of the beaded prostate massager as there aren't many options like this for E-Stim and you only have the silicone and metal probes right now. So if us girls could use it £70-80?

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    Lovehoney - Jess wrote:

    Hey everyone

    I've been having a natter with our bondage buyer today and we've been chatting about what sorts of products we might like to branch into in the future, and what we reckon will/won't sell.

    Today's topic: E-Stim.

    I suggested that, as you lovely lot are some of our most regular customers with a wide variety of tastes and kinks between you, you'd be the best people to give us some feedback.

    So out of interest, what are your thoughts on the following kinds of products, and what would you be happy to pay for each one? We're not actually looking to stock these items, just looking for some general feedback to see whether E-Stim is an area we want to expand in.

    - Full electro-stimulation kit with silicone pads which don't need replacing and uni or bi-polar connectors.

    - Ribbed electro-stimulation sound.

    - Lockable cock cage with electro-stimulation around and inside (urethral sound) the penis.

    - Posable silicone beaded prostate massager with electro-stimulation.

    Any and all feedback is greatly welcomed.

    Thank you!

    Hi Jess

    Not sure how helpful this is but I'm afraid alot of these things though very exciting sounding seem to be beyond my budget. spending over £50-£70 would be testing my budget and from what I have seen this would put these out of the running for me ... shame but maybe one day. Never tried either sounding or e-stim before ... think the last item would be of most interest but never say never the cage might be fun - never been there either!

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    i cant even say i have never tried any elctro toys before

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    I haven't tried it and wouldn't fork out any cash just to try, partly because I'm poor, but mostly because I'm just not interested. Though even if I was interested, I don't think it would be wise.

    I'm a risk-taker, but e-stim sounds a little too risky in terms of my own health and safety. I've known too many people who have been electrocuted by household objects and I'm aware of too many heart problems in my family. I myself have the occasional bout of arrythmia. I haven't done the research (because, like I said, I'm not interested), but I think that might disqualify me. Plus, I have a copper IUD in place. I don't plan on having any children, but I still don't want to fry my uterus.

    I can't speak with utter certainty for my current SO. As an educated guess, I would say he might try it externally, most probably on the nipples. But very doubtful on sounding and even anal, and we're definitely not interested in cock cages with or without e-stim.

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    Jess, is the feedback here suggesting you could write a debunking estim myths type blog post...?


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    Sum Sub wrote:

    Jess, is the feedback here suggesting you could write a debunking estim myths type blog post...?

    Great idea! Take note, Jess! ;)

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    Hi Jess, here are some of my random thoughts on e-stim.

    Mystim products: LH once sold them, now they are discontinued. This is a competitor of Electrastim, but is complementary in some areas as well. Their products are compatible to some extent.

    fancy features for electrodes: Secure skin contact is king. Beaded or ribbed shapes are subordinate to skin contact; I can see very little value in cock cages or fixed sized rings in e-stim.

    price: Some e-stim toys are medical products with huge markups. Electrastims Pure Vibes Probe is known as anuform and the gold-plated probes are made by a french manufacturer, both are medical products sold at a more reasonable price. Era's husband has made an interesting statment on price and DIY instead of buying. Price and value cannot be too far apart. Don't try to copy a design simply because someone else tried to sell it in the past.

    consumables: These are an important part for e-stim applications, either gels or sticky pads. Both have a limited time of use. If you dislike this, then e-stim is not for you.

    silicone toys: These are good value for money. Unfortunateley, the all-black design won't disclose where the conducting and isolating areas are. This could be improved by using different colours.

    small isolating areas: Medical devices have generous space between electrical contacts. I guess there is a reason. Some bipolar silicone rings and Mystim's aluminium electrodes have a very small isolating area. I don't own them because of this design.

    anal sphincter stimulation: I avoid this. For me this is a medical application, not a recreational one.

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    Sum Sub wrote:

    Jess, is the feedback here suggesting you could write a debunking estim myths type blog post...?

    Good shout Sub - I'll put it on my ever growing 'to do' list :P 

    For the time being, we do have this handy guide

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    Based on your feedback we have a few new additions to the E-Stim category- hooray! (Potentially more to follow.)


    Mystim Plunging Pete Corona Glans Strap with Penis Plug

    Mystim Tension Lover Electro Sex Stimulation Device

    Mystim Pubic Enemy No 2 Electrosex Cock Cage with Urethral Sound

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    Exciting! I've been eyeing the new additions up as I'm saving my penny's for an estim at the moment!

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    We would absolutely give it ago, we strongly believe that unless you try something out you have no idea if you will like it or not.

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    I need some self discipline and learn to save up, so I could afford an estim kit and accessories.

    Recently tried some estim gloves and they were amazing. I've also tried an estim wand, but haven't seen either of these in many places.

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    It seems that the cost of the box is a major sticking point for many possible buyers, much like the tens machines, used in pregnancy or by joint pain sufferers. I remember that you could hire these for a short period of time for markedly less than the purchase price, with an option to own outright if you wanted to afterwards.

    Lovehoney to open a hire department for high value items?

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    I have done quite a lot with TENS/EMS for pelvic floor exercise and have made lots of different electrodes and modified the TENS units somewhat. I think the manufacturers of e-stim gear need to sharpen their pencils quite a lot. In some cases the exact same electrodes as are sold for TENS applications are being sold for e-stim at 4 times the price. Similarly e-stim units, in some cases only thinly disguised TENS units (presumably with the microcontroller slightly re-codes but still sporting the same controls, displays and casework) are at asking prices many time that of the TENS unit on which they seem based.

    I know the market is way smaller than for TENS but it's going to remain that way till someone looks seriously at the mark-ups

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    Nice write-up, Foriegner. :)

    Purring-Pussy wrote:

    Recently tried some estim gloves and they were amazing.

    See now, gloves sound interesting to me, but I still don't think it's safe for me.

    Sum Sub wrote:

    Jess, is the feedback here suggesting you could write a debunking estim myths type blog post...?

    A good idea, but I hope you're not referring to what I said. I don't believe I have heard much about e-stim, including myths. My use of the word 'fry' was simple hyperbole and the mention of people being elotrocuted by household items was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

    But the part about my arrhythmia, and my metal implant are true. And while I haven't spent hours poring over information, I have (and had done before posting, because I don't like posting in complete ignorance) cross-referenced the guide that Jess linked above with a TENS information page on the NHS website. They seem to agree that I may not want to use these devices:

    From the NHS:

    TENS isn't safe for everyone to use. Don't use it without first seeking medical advice if:

    you have a pacemaker or another type of electrical or metal implant in your body

    you're pregnant, or there's a chance you might be pregnant – TENS may not be recommended early in pregnancy

    you have epilepsy or a heart rhythm disorder (arrhythmia)

    And from the LH Guide:

    • Do not use an electrostimulation unit if you have heart problems or have a pacemaker fitted.
    • Do not use electrostimulation devices while pregnant.
    • Do not use electrostimulation devices above the waist.
    • Do not use electrosex kits when feeling fatigued, dehydrated, undernourished, unwell or not at your best.
    • Do not use electro sex toys on broken or irritated skin.
    • Use a water-based lubricant (with internal attachments) or electro-conductive gel (with external attachments) to increase sensitivity and avoid any skin tenderness.
    • Always ensure that the power is off whilst you're applying a device to your body (that includes while you're inserting a dildo or butt plug).

    I never thought of that fourth one down... Unfortunately being 'not at my best' is all too common for me, especially in the British winter. :( So it's for that reason (personal health issues) and that reason only why I wouldn't really want to even try. Otherwise I'm generally up for trying it before knocking it. It's unfortunate, because I'm ALL about sensation play. Big fan of tingling. I love my wartenburg wheel like no one should love an inanimate object. But if you look at it that way- I know I can get those sensations without the electricity. It may not be the same, but what I don't know won't disappoint me and I'm happy with what I have already. The truth is though, there are a few other reasons why I'm not that interested: -The consumables, as mentioned above by Foreigner. I don't even like toys that take batteries. It's not just a 'green' thing, it's also a laziness and frugality thing. That said, I'm being a bit of hypocrite here. I do like lubes and sensation gels/balms. But adding more consumables on top of those is undesirable. -The preparation. My partner and I are like a sexy whirlwind of passion; fast and furious and sometimes going for miles. We have an awful lot of spontaneous sex and have more afterplay than foreplay most of the time. The only thing we do fairly regularly that requires a bit of prep is anal. Some people are fully capable of turning prep work into part of the 'show', building anticaption as part of the pleasure. And yeah, I'm sure I could get into that too, if I liked what was coming well enough. But if I'm honest? Pretty much everything I have that could even remotely be considered as needing minimal prep gets sidelined and all but forgotten. That even includes rechargable toys! My favourite things are man-powered items like clamps and pinwheels, jiggle balls, cockrings, and my lover. So there's a good chance an e-stim kit or toy would just end up gathering dust, which is doubly undesirable because... -The price. Lots of other people, including people who do use e-stim, have mentioned the cost. Not a lot of folks want to risk not liking something when it comes at high cost. And even with a good returns policy, it is a put off. It's still out of your bank acccount for the duration. And there's always something you know you like that you can get for the same price or less. So you tend to stick with what you know until there's a massive clearance sale. Summed up, there are just more reasons for me, personally, to not invest than there are (1) to do so. IF there was a for-hire service and I got an OK from a doctor, then I would give it a go.

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    Ugh. That last wall of text was supposed to be broken up, but the formatting screwed up for some reason and I didn't notice it in time to edit it. I apologise.

    But also:

    • Do not use electrostimulation devices above the waist.

    Wait, what?

    That might either be outdated or needing clarification. There are e-stim nipple toys, after all. And I hope for us all that our nipples are still above our waists!

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    I believe there's certain units you can use but general e stim aren't designed for above the waist.

    Here's something which I found when I looked into it a while back..

    E-stim should never be used in these locations:

    Throat (Carotid Sinus) - Do not use over the nerves, muscles or arteries of the throat or the larynx (voice box) - strong muscle contractions could close the airway.

    Eyes - Do not use on the eyelids.

    Head - anywhere above the neck. Absolutely do not place electrodes so electrical flow is from one side of the head to the other!

    Across the chest (hand-to-hand on the same person counts as 'across the chest'). Despite what you might see on electro sex videos, unipolar electrodes from nipple to nipple is a risky proposition. The heart is a rather important organ that runs on electrical signals and passing a current across the chest MAY disrupt its operation. The heart is located in the center of the chest underneath the breastbone. If you want to take the risk of using unipolar electrodes above the waist at all, pair them close together, one above and one below a nipple for example, so the current stays in one area and doesn't travel across the chest at all. For the safest play, use e-stim below the waist only. If you want to stim above the waist, do so with localized bi-polar electrodes only.

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    This is definitely something we would be interested in but the price is offputting. A beginner's basic kit at a reasonable price, maybe about £100, would be very tempting...

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    Not something that appeals to me personally, too clinical and less sensual, so regardless of price point probably wouldn't indulge. Happy for him to hit me with pretty much anything, anywhere - but electric shocks just piss me off!

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    Would love to get into this always have been very curious about it.

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