1. 1MB Photo limit

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    When it comes to dirty talk or sexy photos I get super paranoid of who can hack in or see it so I rarely do it because I don't know which platform is the safest to store dirty talk or pictures

    I thought maybe I could upload the photos to my LoveHoney profile but the photo limit for both profile and picture is 1MB and when you use a bridge camera like mine all the files are automatically big!

    I did upload that 1 sexy photo I took but I had to crop it so you don't really see all of it - I am now storing the photos on my password protected sexy tumblr

    I hoped that if I had enough members ageeing with me to increase the limit, Love Honey will think of changing it? As I spoke to customer services and they have no plans to change photo limits

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    Im not sure what programs you use but with the small size thats displayed here id have thought it was quite easy to resize the document and compress it under 1mb.

    I just checked and they seem to display at 700 x 525 pixels.

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    No need for Lovehoney to up their size limit when it's simple as can be to resize your own photos without cropping them. It's a skill worth learning if you want to share photos online.

    Also bear in mind this is not a cloud storage service. You can't 'store' explicit photographs on here. The photos you find on Lovehoney aren't 'dirty' so much as beautiful. It's members modelling their lingerie, naughty perhaps but dirty? Nope. Think lingerie models, not porn stars.

    Also it's worth noting that it is incredibly easy for anyone to access photos on Lovehoney. It's free to create a profile and easy to navigate to the member photo section. So if you're worried about people seeing them (especially if they feature your face or identifying factors like tattoos etc), putting them up here isn't the best option. I don't know what you mean by a 'safe' platform, but it's certainly very easy for members of the general public to find and save photos from Lovehoney.

    You should also note that they do share random member photos on their blog, twitter and instagram. So really, you need to be okay with photos being viewable to upload them here.

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    As a general rule, if you don't want photos to be seen, then don't put them online. As with all personal information you have to be careful who you share them with, by putting them online you are essentially sharing them with a 3rd party and giving them the control over them. Even outside of sites that openly display the pics or allow others to see them, one should be careful.

    Even if a site claims it has ironclad protection, that doesn't mean it is impenetrable. Iron rusts, walls fall, and the trojans get past the gate. The best way I have found is to only share with people you trust or people you want to be seen by

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    I just resize my pics myself without cropping. Don't think it's necessary to increase over 1mb.

    As stated above, it's not a place to store pics. Maybe you need something like dropbox?

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    LH doesn't need to upgrade its file size limit as the photos here are only intended to be viewed in a small size.

    Al most any image editing software will allow you to resize your image to something suitable for this use - if you don't know how to do it then let us know what operating system you are using on your PC and I'm sure plenty of people would be willing to give recommnedations along with instructions on how to do what you need to.

    Obviously as others have said, LH is not a 'storage' site anyway, so you can't 'host' images here and link to them from elsewhere, and of course LH has its own rules on what can and cannot be uploaded in terms of image content. If you are wanting to host your photos somewhere then it needs to be somewhere 'else'. You say you are already storing them on tumblr, so why would you need to store them here too?

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    1MB is plenty high enough to be rendered well on a web page. There is plenty of free software out there to reduce the size to an acceptable size.

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    Update: Me and my OH use kik messenger as it is anonymous due to username and have checked that our photos do not automatically back up to storage

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