1. Is it normal?


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    So I've been involved in these amazing forums for around 6 months now, and I feel as though I've made real friends. Usually I get scared therefore would usually run a mile! The thing is there's some amazingly lovely folk on here, who I feel like I have genuine connections with. I truly believe that I've made genuine friends however I'm soo scared I'm making a fool of myself.
    Some of these lovely people have bought tear's to my eyes and I honestly feel that I've known these lovelies for years.
    My question is am I being naive? I really hope not, as it most certainly feels genuine.
    Any feedback would be much appreciated :)
    Thanks in advance Classy lass xxx

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    In all the time I've sen you here, Classy Lass, never once have I thought of you as a fool. I consider many people on here as friends, and thanks to anonymity have been able to open up in ways I'd never even consider with my 'real' friends, giving the relationships here a far more... intimate feel, sometimes. Honestly, this sorry bunch has got me through some hellish times and I'm truly glad that I was blessed enough to find them. (That includes you, by the way!)

    Either it's not just us, or we're mad together. Either way, I know I'm in good company.

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    I've been using the forums on and off for roughly four years now and I have to say that's perfectly normal. Internet friends are great, due to a hobby forum I'm on I have friends all over the UK, Europe, America and even Malaysia that I speak to reguarly, it's what the internet is for these days I guess :)

    Also it's normal to feel like you've known them for years, because people tend to get in to conversations about their lifes etc and before you know it, you know them pretty well. Not to mention all the emotional support that can be found here, which all adds up to make it the amazing place that it is.

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    As a newbie to this whole thing, just wanted to say i really felt self concious about making a fool of myself on here but the example of the all of what you guys posted helped me to get past that, the openness and the honesty - cant believe i started a thread on self sucking (!) I dont really know you guys but I know you are all amazing each in your own way - hope that makes sense :)


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    shadow collector-WAW you're making complete sense. I came on here for a laugh to chat about toys etc, but now I feel extremely close to a few people on here *you're top of my list* of course there's others aswel, but I remember seeing you early on thinking that's the kind of lass I could be friends for life with <3 you really are such an amazing person and the sooner you realise that the better :-)
    I'm a very private person in real life, yet on here I wear my heart on my sleeve and have divulged secrets I'd never dream of doing so in "real life"! I feel extremely blessed meeting lovely genuine people like you 👍 💓 💖
    I want to say a massive thank you to you for being so supportive of me <3
    I'm certain we're in for a long lasting friendship as long as you're up for it :) xxxxx


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    Raven93 you've hit the nail on the head, I definitely do feel as though I've known the lovely folks here for years, they're awesome for advice, tips, general chit chat and a whole load of other things.
    Thanks for your input lovely :-)<3xxxxx

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