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  1. Essentials selection drastically different on US vs UK site

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    Is there a reason there's such a drastic difference in lubes between the two sites? For example, some of the highest rated lubes(Maximus, Liquid Silk) available on the UK site are nowhere to be found on the US site. I actually switched lubes because I thought Lovehoney no longer carried Maximus, but lo and behold, they do...just not on the US site. I can understand some toys not being sold due to power differences(like the wands), but why things like lube or condoms?

    I guess that also brings me to wondering now which site out of all the international sites has the largest selection of items...

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    I am a US customer and I had noticed some differences but not that product specifically. You may want to ask live chat or hit up the pander to me thread to see if it can be on the US side.

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    FDA approval maybe?

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    Well spotted! Unfortunately, American regulations mean that we can't sell some European lubes (the ones that don't have FDA approval) in the US.

    As far as I know, applying for FDA approval is a step some non-US companies simply decide not to take as it can be a lengthy and costly process. So it's not that these lubes aren't safe, it's just that they haven't been tested for sale in the US market. 

    Customer Care should be able to help you out with any specific questions you have about shopping from Lovehoney.com - you can contact them here.

    Hope that helps!

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    Interesting. But I could still purchase it from Lovehoney UK and still get it thanks to the magic of internet shopping? I had gotten Maximus before, so I assume it must have been because I ordered off the UK site.

    Either way I've noticed so many differences I think I'll be buying most future purchases from the UK site anyways.


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    Yes first thought that comes to mind. Check the purchase you want doesn't have anything you may be allergic to, may not agree with within the contents before you purchase and enjoy 👌

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