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  1. What is happening to our orders?


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    I am always enthusiastically recommending Lovehoney to everyone interested for all the usual reasons… BUT: lately I’ve been having problems getting my orders and am becoming slightly disappointed with the service.

    My last two orders got strayed somehow… My last one from June got its way back to Lovehoney after a week in some postal facility as it was sent out with 24h tracked and Royal Mail probably didn’t know what to do with it given it was supposed to be shipped internationally (they usually ship it with Priority Air Mail and arrives within 7 days). So Customer Care contacted me and sent it out with FedEx as a courtesy to make up for the lost time (and it got here in about 5-6 days none the less, so no difference really…). My next order was made Monday, and it is still strayed somewhere. Somehow and for some reason this also got sent out with 24h tracked so it seems to be stuck somewhere on the Royal Mail track. Both orders were manually modified by Customer Care, the first one on my request for exchanging an item before it was packed, the second one because one of the items I put in my cart was not really available in the warehouse so I needed to choose another one instead.

    But, I have another problem too. Both my Monday’s order and the first one I placed today were confirmed via the usual Lovehoney email before the 17:30 cut off time for same day despatch. Monday evening I even asked Customer Care via LiveChat (I have the transcript) if it was going to be sent out that day as I did not get the despatch email by the time I normally got all others. They confirmed it was going to be sent out that day and I should get the confirmation email. Instead I got the email about half an hour before cut off time Tuesday saying one of my items was not available and I should decide promptly what to do if I want my parcel shipped out that day… I did not appreciate this at all, not so much because of the unavailable item, but the fact they only contacted me about it half an hour before cut off time Tuesday even though it should have made it to despatch on Monday!

    Then today too, my order is still “being processed” even though the order was made before 16:30 UK time. I now placed another order, which says it will be despatched tomorrow. Except, as far as I know, Lovehoney does not despatch anymore on Saturdays as once did.

    I know they are a lot of changes going on in the system nowadays, and I’m trying to be patient about these to see where they will end up, but this to me it’s starting to feel like disrupted service. Then again, it might just be an isolated incident and things will get back to being very reliable soon.

    I didn’t want to complain to Customer Care without asking first all you guys: am I the only one this has been happening to?

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