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  1. The amount of chancers wtf!


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    So I've been here a few months now and something has been niggling at me!
    Sooo many times when people introduce themselves they presume this is some sort of hook up joint. I am extremely wary when replying because there's people out there who just want to complain about their loveless marriage, looking for hook-ups, my OHs not kinky enough, which turned out to be another looking for hook-ups.
    People completely misunderstood the idea of the forums. I'm not going to slate these people for not reading the rules, as I myself made that mistake and was a serial thread starter when I first joined. Lol! My mistake though, I struggled to find my way around at first.
    So I'm wondering others views on this? Is there anything we can do to inform people before the"hook-up" etc posts arise?

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