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    Cuddlekins wrote:

    Ok so I've sent my Kinky couples back and the Female one but I have asked for the Anal one as a replacement as I'm wondering just whats in it.

    Clever move ;)
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    fairehlights wrote:

    Lovebirds_x wrote:

    If you search 'bumble' you'll find last years thread, where people copy/pasted what they had got. Though it is unlikely they'd put them same things in!

    Also with regards to duplicates, there used to be a thread for sex toy adoption where people would buy grab bags and put up their (obviously unused) duplicates 'for adoption', with the idea being that someone buys you a little thing off your wishlist to cover postage and you send them the item. Is that still a thing?

    I think the thread died/was removed after someone had a kerfuffle about 'adoption' not really meaning adoption if you had to buy something back.
    But I don't see why another one couldn't be made, because it will be handy in light of this. That and the fact I have a bunch of stuff that could do with re-homing.

    I think Ima wait a few days and see what people say they get before comitting.

    My girlfriend was after something on this thread and was more than happy to buy something off the wishlist, but was then asked for (atleast, I can't remember the exact details) £60 which was more than the price of the item new from Lovehoney!

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    Hey guys new here just brought myself the anal crazy mystery summer bumdle can't wait till it gets here,
    Just hoping the butt plugs arts to small 😂😂

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    glad we didnt get a bumdle i think it looks the least apealing of them all still quite happy with my male one though

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    Just ordered the Men's one as a treat for him! can't wait till it gets here so excited!

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    I ordered the female one. Was quite chuffed with it actually, the glass was one of the few I don't have so that was good, and I've been wondering about the LH rabbit for a while but never bought it so can't wait to give that a go. The egg I have had previously as a tester but it turned out to be faulty and there were no more in stock to replace it with so I'm very happy I've got a new one, it's a brilliant little egg!
    I did get 2 duplicates (cupids gspot and mini wand) but again, not a problem since my mum doesn't have those and she's taken them off my hands :-)


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    Why not use paypal's pad ?

    Might have done just that... What's this loophole? Lol! I've had PayPal not take the funds for a week, but don't know the policies?

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    I'm so indecisive, the female and anal look great!

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    I got the female bundle on Saturday and I was very pleased as I don't have a glass dildo with spirals, and the oh rabbit looks good as well as I only have one other rabbit. My other three items didn't work :(
    Lovehoney were fab about it and I have replacements being sent out straight away.

    It's fantastic customer service as they dealt with it straight away, and it was Saturday night I emailed them about the faulty items.

    Thanks Lovehoney :)

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    I really hope mine comes tomorrow...I haven't felt this impatient about a Lovehoney delivery for a while!!

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    Has the Kinky couples one gone out of stock? I can't see it on the page any more! Just female, couple and anal.

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    Our lovely brown box arrived this morning with 2 mystery bundles and a few other additional bits that were ordered too...

    Our Anal Bumdle contained...

    bedtime bullet vibrating butt plug

    Lovehoney Anal Douche 225ml

    Lovehoney BASICS Anal Prober

    Lovehoney Bionic Bullet Beaded Anal Wand Vibrator

    Pearl Shine 9 Inch Multispeed Waterproof Anal Vibrator

    Lovehoney Booty Buddy Purple Silicone Butt Plug

    Tracey Cox Supersex Silicone Beaded Anal Prober

    Lovehoney Beginner's Anal Beads

    The female bundle contained...

    Lovehoney Ultra Powerful 7 Function Love Egg Vibrator

    Lovehoney Waterproof Mini Magic Wand Vibrator

    Lovehoney Textured Sensual Glass Dildo

    Lovehoney Oh! Rabbit Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

    Cupid's Smoothie G-Spot Vibrator

    Pin Ups Bombshell Orgasm Balm Mint 7g

    Let the fun begin :)

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    My female bundle arrived...I got the same as everyone else. I tried one toy so far which got me nowhere

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    I... missed out on a kinky couple Bundle? (Sobs hysterically)

    Damn Holiday, getting in the way of the important things!

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    This sounds VERY exciting... Will get it next time I do some shopping!

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