1. Can you make a Post Office your default address?

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    I was wondering if it was possoble to make your local post office your default address? I know lovehoney do the click and collect service but is it possible to use that service as your default address, for example if you get a tester product? In that instance you arent actually paying for anything so are you not allowed to use it?
    Thank you x

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    Hi popk1n,

    Thanks for the enquiry!

    Unfortunately this is not really possible as with the Local Collect Delivery Service you will always need to manually select this option at the checkout and book a slot with the post office.

    Hope this helps but just get in touch with us if you have any further queries about it! :)

    Have a great day!

    Sarya - Lovehoney Customer Care x

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    Ok Sarya thank you :) I was just thinking that currently I cannot use my normal alternative address and wondered if I could use the Post office. It doesnt matter too much, just means Ive got to keep a watchful eye out so no one nosys at my parcels! :)

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    Have LH though of offering the Collect + service which many retailers use these days, whereby you can deliver to a local convenience store? I believe these can be set as default addresses, whereas the Post Office collection service depends on how many parcels can be stored at any given Post Office branch.

    For me, I think this would work. Whenever I've been fortunate enough to receive testers from the good folk at LH, these have to be sent to the default address (currently my work as I don't really want to have my neighbours receive ALL my parcels), which isn't usually a problem. I'm pretty thick skinned, so if anyone twigs who [the secret phrase] is from the label I'm guessing my staff use Lovehoney too. But when I place my regular orders, I do prefer to collect from a Post Office, despite my brazenness!

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    Maybe you could work that out with a store yourself? If it is a set address then you could ask said store if you can use their address? Bit dodgy trying to explain why you dont want to use your own though haha. I agree though, Id love a system like the post office one that you can set as a default address.

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    I care for my elderly mum and a family member at her house and the one thing that has been worrying me is having parcels delivered here as they always want to know what it is and get ( Mum especially) moody if I don't want to say , and its rare I ever get to answer the door to take delivery as I am busy with Mum, once a week I go to a shopping centre and would be great if I could have parcels delivered to the post office there as could collect while doing the big weekly shop and pop parcel in my shopping bag and nobody would know I had even brought anything.
    Is it possible to find out if the post office there dose this before placing an order?

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