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    Hi all

    We have some super-exciting news and some big changes coming your way very soon. I can't tell you everything just yet, but as you're such a beautiful and loyal community I can let you in on a few sneaky insights to whet your whistles...

    Thanks to your feedback, suggestions and requests, we've decided to upgrade the Oh! Points Loyalty programme to make it even better than it already is! (Say whaaaat?!)

    That's right! Over the years your biggest (and most frequent) request has been to be able to use points alongside real money. Remember all those times we said 'it'll never happen'? Turns out we were talking rubbish! You asked, and we're delivering (discreetly, of course).

    As you can probably imagine, this is a mammoth task that will be completed in stages, so you're going to start to notice a few changes around the site here and there. Don't panic. That's our techy whizz kids working their magic to make all the improvements you (and we) want.

    The first change will be that you won't be able to request particular items to be added to the Oh! Points list any more. (Moving forward, all products will be available to purchase with Oh! Points at checkout). If there is a product that is already in the list and you'd still like to purchase it with your current Oh! Points, I suggest you complete your purchase sooner, rather than later, to avoid disappointment.

    You'll also notice that the products available in the current Oh! Points list will change over the next few days; some items will be removed, others will have a price change (number of Oh! Points required to purchase, rather actual monetary cost). These are all mini-steps to enable us to launch the brand spanking new Oh! Points loyalty programme.

    I have now closed the "Oh! Points - What do you want to spend them on?" thread, as we're no longer taking requests.

    Please feel free to discuss below but bare in mind we may not be able to answer all of your questions at this time as it's still very new news! All will be revealed in due course :)

    Thanks everyone! 

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