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    I'm new to Lovehoney & my question is regarding correspondence from Lovehoney. Will Lovehoney ever send correspondence either with offers or third party companies sending their offers or their spam mail through the letter box if I ordered from Lovehoney?.

    There are many who live at home & if some correspondence came through the door with offers of male toys with one of them accidently opened then asking whats all this about could be quite embarrassing.

    Is there an option perhaps to have correspondence from Lovehoney by e-mail only

    I thanks you's for your time.


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    LH only send things by email with exception of the stuff your order (which is sent in descreet packaging)

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    It's all via email x

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    As above, all via email, no 3rd party advertising, nothing physical unless you place an order, you are fully in control of the email settings too. it's all part of the sexual happiness experience I believe.

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    Never had nothing through the post only what i ordered. That can all be managed in your account settings. What you do and dont recieve by e-mail.

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    The only things lovehoney send through the post are things you've bought/been gifted/tester items once upon a time you used to be able to opt in to having a catalogue sent to you but they don't do that anymore

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    As above!

    The only thing we'll ever send you in the post is your order. 

    We'll never pester you with anything else so you have no worries.

    For more info on privacy and delivery, check out our help pages...

    Privacy Policy



    Bank Statement

    If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask here, or contact us :)

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    LH used to do a printed mail shot I'm sure.

    Personally I love getting stuff like that through the door - but I could understand why some people may not like that (house share/kids etc). I miss those catalogs :'(

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