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  1. Rabbit Amnesty- does it have to be a vibrator?!

    crayola [sign in to see picture]
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    Hiya- long time no speak to the LH powers that be!

    So I've recently broken up with one bloke and started with another. Since I don't feel right using my old purchased-as-a-couple toys with a new man I was looking in to the rabbit amnesty. Searched the forums and couldn't find an answer to this so-

    Do you only take vibrators? I've got a bag full of about twenty items (some of which are getting thrown because they're crap!) including vibrators, butt plugs, jelly dildos and probably something else too! If I can't get rid of the non-electricals with you can you recommend some way to do that or can I just throw them in the rubbish bin?

    Also- can I opt to not get a half price rabbit and just send you the recyclables directly? I have one of the rabbits on offer and I'm not really bothered about the other two. Although I know Carly mentioned there was a possibility of updating the amnesty to include none rabbits too- is that happening at all?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I really want to get shot of these things and get that final closure. No matter the ludicrously high postage price! :)

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