1. big thanks lh customer care

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    We recently purchased a vibtating nipple toy, unfortunatly it had a little fault, and a practical problem, in that it wouldn't stay attached, however with a little imagination and engerneering, we managed to overcome our problem.

    Anyway we mentioned these problems in our review, the next day we got an email from LH offering a replacement, which we where not expecting, at first we gratefully declined, as secretly happy with my handy work.

    However LH sent another email saying they would like us to reveiw a working product, as a replacement would not sort the practical problem, it wouldnt change our review that much, so again gratefully declined.

    LH then offered us an altturnative, so we gratefully accepted, but dissaster of dissasters, when the altturnative came, it was broken in the box, but a quick email to LH, and they where happy to send a replacement, which came today, and it works.

    Most other companies wouldn't bother, but this just shows LH persistance to make sure all us kinksters are more than happy with our purchases.

    Big thankyou to Fern, Emma, and sarya for all your help, and apologies for been a pain in the butt.

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    Oh it sounds like it was a bit of a pickle getting your order sorted, but I'm really glad we were happy to help in the end. 

    Thanks for taking the time to send us this feedback. I'll be sure to pass it onto Fern, Emma and Sarya, they'll be chuffed to know your order arrived safely :) 

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    I think out of all the companies I deal with both through work and personally, lovehoney has the best customer service.

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