1. Delivering to a Box? Please help!

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    After I made my order I received an email from LH:

    If you are not in when delivery is attempted, the driver will leave a card that explains how you can collect your parcel or arrange for it to be redelivered

    I live on a university residence, which is clearly stated in my address. I only have a box # and get a slip when there's a package to go pick up for in the mail room so there's no way I'll be able to sign?!
    I'm just confused about this, if anyone has experience with shipping to a box please let me know if it will just be the general procedure to expect!

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    I'm also a uni student, at mine we have an accommodation office which handles bigger parcels, leaving the slip in our box too. They don't have to be signed for unless you went for one of the more expensive deliveries, your usual two day delivery should just be accepted by your university as normal and that is treated as you being in...at my uni anyways. I'd presume it would be the same for you. Hope this helps :)

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    When I had a box at uni before, the guys in the mail room would sign for the package and then I could just go and collect it. I expect they will sign for you anways, but you could just go and tell them you're expecting something that needs a signiture and will they sign for it? :)

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    The guys that you get your parcel from sign for it, you don't need to be in, the joys of student accommodation!

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    I had the same problem wen I lived in halls, usually the parcel room on campus sign for parcels and you pick it up when you get a slip, just take ur student card.
    LH parcels are so well packed know one would ever know what goodies you have inside ;)

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    Okay perfect!! Thanks for the help everyone :) I checked with my uni residence and they sign for everything that comes in on my behalf

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