1. Fab LH staff!

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    JM88 that's a really lovely idea :-) I'm sure they'll be thrilled with their parcels

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    Just wanted to say congrats to JM88 on the testers, and I think it's really wonderful that you've decided to make a donation to your local animal shelter. It's a very kind and thoughtful thing to do and I'm sure they'll really appreciate it. It's such a lovely idea that I think I'm going to check if any shelters near me have a similar thing going on... I'd never thought of it before :)

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    Thank you :) we got our dog from the shelter there a few years ago and they were absolutely fantastic, and we love our dog more than anything! Its nice to be able to give something back to them.

    our shelter this year is doing the shoebox thing, or alternatively theyve put up a list of items they are in need of such as collars, harnesses, coats, and large toys for the running area. I ordered a large ball for them to be sent direct to the shelter but i love the idea of creating a little box of goodies :)

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    Aww, that's really sweet. Pets are such important members of the family :) I always think it's fantastic when people rescue animals rather than buying them. I was looking at rescuing a cat from a shelter but eventually it worked out that someone near us was trying to rehome 2 kittens so we took them on because they just seemed perfect for us.

    I'm hoping that I'll get round to donating some cat things to our local shelter now, particularly if they're alright with taking as-new items since cats are so fussy I always have tonnes of basically brand new toys that they just don't like the look of :D The local shelter here is running a shoebox drive as well, so thanks for inspiring me to look it up - I really would never have thought of it but for your post :)

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    Lovehoney - Michael wrote:

    Thanks for all the lovely comments in here... and I just want to say I hope the helpful male helper was me!

    Merry Christmas to you all!


    You helped me once on live chat Michael and you were very helpful! I was a bit nervous at first about talking to a male staff member but you were totally professional and and friendly and really helped me

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    I have only had the need to converse with the help department once but was extremely pleased by the desire to help and the lengths that she went through to obtain a satisfactory answer for me. Good Job LH. Pleased with the entirety of the site and forums.

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