1. The most amazing advisors!

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    Today I called and spoke with Advisors Leanne and Siobhan. I have never had such and informative experience like this one. When I have called other companies for help and advice they have always constantly put me on hold or did everything possible to get me off the phone as quickly as possible. I'm sure you have had similar experiences. Lovehoney was the complete opposit. They answered all of my questions and gave me product advice and told me how to set up an account and be part of the forums. I wish other companies were as friendly and genuinely cared about their customers the way that Leanne and Siobhan did. Thank you again ladies you were amazing!!!!!

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    That's why we keep coming back! 😊

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    Thank you for the great feedback , Was no problem at all smiley

    Have a great cheristmas !

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    Lovehoney has to have the best customer service I've ever experienced by far :) All of the staff are lovely.

    I was shocked to see quite a few bad reviews of the site on trustpilot! We all need to jump on there and leave some honest and up-to-date ones I reckon :) x

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    Lovehoney is the most amazing customer service, its as if your training is based around one rule.. never say no to a customer

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