1. Lingerie Favourites!?

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    Thank you everyone, your answers have been very helpful!


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    Oh boo!
    Did I miss the boat on this one?
    My rates and my OHs ate very different.
    I like tight fitting things that show her shape like a chemise but she prefers a baby doll as she reckons they're more feminine I like wet look or very fine mesh, she likes lace!

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    I love retro stuff too. Girdles or suspender belts with 6 straps or more (wide too, with metal clasps), longline bras and fully fashioned stockings.

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    Lovehoney - Cazz wrote:

    Hi all,

    Please tell me your favourite lingerie material, colour and preferred styles. I am doing some research for work purposes.


    Lace, Mesh/Fishnet, Satin, Latex, Leather, Silk

    Chemise,Body stocking, Bra and knicker set, Babydoll, Teddy.

    Favourite colours for sexy underwear?

    Many thanks! x

    Well two sides to the answer, the slightly more naughty one would be black latex / wetlook - suppose "softcore" fetish wear ...

    On the more day to day, silk boxers/boyshorts look great on her - white or black I think look good - I dont think there would be a colur that looked bad though, maybe florencent green would look a bit odd :)

    (Not really what your asking but just plain ol black boxer trucks for me - never really fancied trying the male lingerie that see on the testers sometimes, far too self conscious)

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    I like underwear that's sexy, but that I can wear every day, so that means it has to be comfortable and can't be too lacy - if the texture shows through clothes I think it looks bad.

    I love satin, especially in matching sets, although it would be best if you could also buy the underwear separately as I usually want more knickers than bras.

    I like lace backs for underwear as it can provide a bit of stretch, but quite often the lace isn't very sturdy and looks tacky after a few washes when the elastic comes out or the fabric gets worn.

    Oh, and for the love of god do not choose anything with diamond shape gussets. I bought some that weren't even sewn down, and it's the most uncomfortable thing ever, along with seams down the front of underwear! Side seams are much better, and I prefer the look as well. Note: these aren't problems I've had with lovehoney underwear, just in general.

    I also like ribbon tieside underwear for with suspenders. I don't mind what the colours are, but I prefer bold (red, purple, etc) or dark (navy, black) and usually want some kind of black in there, just to tie in my black lace-top holdups. I don't like white or off white, as I find it always washes to a kind of dirty colour after a few wears as you can't separate mixed colours.

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    I love peephole lace bras and lace crotchless knickers

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    Our favourites are Silk, Lace and Satin in chemises, Baby dolls and bra and knicker (Thong) sets. We also like the black fishnet body stockings.

    Regarding colours we would say Pink, Purple and reds especially but also blue and black.

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    Only seeing this post now.. I love anything lace or satin.. But very interested in leather and latex..

    I love bra and knicker sets, teddies and cirsets/basques

    Depending on mood I like black or red but also love bright colours too :) x

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    Hi :)

    Favourite lingerie if I was going all out would be a full coset s-bend in black with delicte gold detailing, black fench filly knickers and black suspenders with lace detailing at the top

    As for chemises and teddys for me they have to cover 'problem areas' with a opaque/solid colour and then have seductive cut outs/ mesh/ lace parts in other areas. as for colour black and red is good but would also go for teal/blue/pink/purple etc oh and its nice if they're made out of silk/satin as it feels lovely on the skin.

    Never tried a body stocking, don't like the idea of a babydoll, not tried leather, not sure about latex.

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    I love satin latex PVC leather etc been finding it hard to find a non fishnet bodystocking if that makes sense

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    I love pvc, leather, anything really that gives that wet look.

    Yes ghostrider74 that makes sense to me.

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    My OH loves a black or red soft lace chemise or baby doll. I love these as well but I've got to say I do have a thing for wet look or latex and some lovely shiny satin/silk, black, red or dark purple are my fave colours for sexy lingerie. I'd love to see more wet look and latex stuff added to LH, stuff like more cat suits, bondage wear etc would be good.

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    Lace satin sheer or wetlook

    Mini dresses or 1/4 cup or cupless lingerie

    More red and definitely more white never enough of those two colours
    .... generally stick to black as limited choice in white and red micro minis

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