1. My only ever lovehoney complaint

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    protectyournuts wrote:

    I bet they do get other complants about the stupidest of stuff from random one timer order types.

    'It says it shold taste like strawberries but i think it taste's more like strawberry jam, not what I wanted, false advertising, I'm going elsewhere' RETURNED.

    +1 lol

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    thats a problem with their taste buds not the product, they should speak to God to return that( or which ever religous of scientific body that they beleive in)

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    (I would actually guess that the LH custom care people read lots of complaints... When I think of stuff I have seen in our uni department (letters of complaints of the "I simply could not have failed that English test because I have this or that certificate that obviously proves I am actually much better than all the lecturers put together..." variety), and of those heaps of nonsense my mum has been dealing with (she works in the combined local history institute/record office)... People write angry letters of complaint all the time, usually claiming that they were denied access to some documents while they were actually just told that the office does only have documents concerning institutions in one county and that they simply cannot show them any old school reports or whatever from places that are a couple of hundred kilometers away, in another county, in another region, not because they wouldn't want to show them to those folks, but because they have never even had them. Some people love to complain all the time, they generally think that it is a way of proving they are omniscient and that everything in the world should just adapt to their grand wishes and needs...)

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    we have just had the problem with the mould and got it sortted on live chat customcare is the best

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    Lovehoney - Jess wrote:

    Further to my last post - I've had a quick peep at your order and have figured out which toy it is.

    Having checked the stock on the shelf, it seems the boxes look fine from the outside, but when you open them you can see the mould on the inside - I'm so sorry! I can only assume the bulk box on the shelf has been in stock for a while and got damp, but due to the mould being on the inside of the box, our pickers and packers didn't notice!

    I've let our Warehouse staff know and they've removed the product from the website while they investigate and check the remaining stock.

    Thanks for letting us know. I've passed your details to customer care who will email you shortly :)

    Sorry I haven't seen this earlier in the week. I contacted live chat just after posting the original message and they asked how they could make this better for me. I said I only wanted advice, didn't want to return if it wasn't necessary. They assured me that the product would be fine so I did the same as Lollipop, just gave it a good clean and got rid of the box.

    I haven't had anything from customer service as of yet but the issue was resolved by live chat for me. Glad it alerted you to spotting the bulk though! Fab staff at LH.

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