1. Terrible experience. The worst delivery system

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    This chat has just made my day. Saw the title like WHAT?? I've never had anything but amazingly speedy delivery and it's always been free (can never just buy one thing). Who can complain at a late parcel if its free anyway ha. Look at companies like amazon or certain ebay shops, free delivery with them can take weeks! And weeks!! Surely the wait will have just added to the anticipation of using the toy.

    I could never fault LH. This guy has been very rude to a lot of people for no reason, hence why he's backed the eff off now. But hey, hope you enjoyed your toy this week mr and it made up for the delay.

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    The owners and staff of Love Honey should look at this thread and be proud! Proud because so many people are sticking up for them, remember this is a company that's there to take money off us like any other company but you rarely find such loyalty and love for a company as I have with love honey :)

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    Firstly this is in no way shape or form Love-Honeys fault

    Secondly items going abroad can take upto 30 days

    Thirdly sounds like the fault is with your own local postal service

    And fourth by the sounds of your attitude if you speak to companys like that they will not help in any way

    We Love you Love-Honey


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    LH should be so proud at the volume of loyal customers jumping to their defense. We all love you sexy people for providing such a fantastic service!

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