1. Terrible experience. The worst delivery system

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    I've had delivery delays of about 3-4 days.I realise it's totally not LH's fault and I wait every time.I've talked to customer service about it once,and they proposed to send a replacement if it's not delivered within one more week.Try talking to them again,if it's more than a week late.Sorry about your experience,but it's totally not LH's fault.

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    Frankly, free delivery of goods from the UK to the continent is a pretty rare thing, hardly any major British shop I have ever bought stuff from offers it, Lovehoney is quite exceptional in that respect. I live in the good ol' Central Europe and I order goods from the UK (sometimes from the USA - specialized books published by some publishing companies affiliated with certain universities are hard to get in Europe) quite a lot, mostly books I need for my studies but also some "less serious" fiction stuff, sometimes clothes (clothing items are actually pretty often much cheaper in the UK than in the Czech Republic), eccentric B-Day/Chrismas gifts, toys, well, all sorts of stuff, really, and very few shops are as reliable as Lovehoney.

    And as for delivery service... well, some shops send non-priority stuff (and you have to pay for it, too) through Air Mail (usually a combination of the Royal Mail and the Czech Post input, sometimes also that of Die Deutsche Post) that are non-trackable and often take far longer that may be strictly necessary. Some go for shipping via UPS/DHL/FedEx (both for "standard" and for priority deliveries - and particularly priority deliveries tend to be pretty expensive; unless I really need something quickly, I don't tend to squander money on those) that usually offer the possibility of online tracking - I can tell you that I have had loads of interesting experiences with those, it is often quite interesting to follow the journey some parcels apparently undertake; one of my parcels decided to lie low in the middle of Germany for a couple of days, another had made a pointless journey from Prague to another city (apparently there is some sort of major UPS sorting warehouse in that place), passing my hometown (perhaps even through my hometown) on the way, before they brought it to me two days later... The most amusing thing that can happen is when a parcel comes via DHL and the online tracking indicates that it is sitting at the local DHL HQ at the moment because I can see that very building from my bedroom window, it being about a hundred meters from our doorstep (actually, the DHL people usually bring parcels (those that are not particularly bulky, anyway) to our street by hand rather than on a delivery van).

    I rather doubt that shops can keep track on any parcel once they had handed it over to any postal service/delivery company, I think that once a parcel is in the hands of any delivery people, it is the duty of those delivery guys to bring it to you within the (approximate, anyway) time frame you have paid for. There is a fine chance your goodies may be in your hands by Monday and honestly, that means just the fifth working day (assuming your order got processed on September 23), nothing horrible considering you live on the continent.

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    we all know lh dont personally deliver the goods to your door but to be fair to the guy with the delivery complaint if he had read the reviews 1st you can see why he thinks its lh fault the way a lot of people allways say thanks to lh for a quick delivery.

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    The reason people thank LH for quick delivery is that LHs free delivery is T48 or T24 as standard... most shops only offer free delivery on orders over £50/75/100, and thats usually only standard 3-5 working days... Its also almost always limited to the UK.

    It should be sensible to expect a delay if you're overseas- think about how long it physically takes for a parcel to cover that distance.

    And for perspective; I live five hours from Bath. If I order something on a Friday, no matter what, I know I aint getting it til Wednesday, as we don't get post most Saturdays, and my postman either doesn't bring parcels because lazy (seriously. Ive had the cards dropped in saying I missed a delivery when I've been in and up) or doesn't show up until three pm, when noone is in.
    Is that LoveHoneys fault? Nope. Contact your postal service. They clearly arent pulling their weight, and you should just be glad it was a free delivery item rather than one you paid shipping on...

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    yes that being my point lh do there part as in dispatch asap but reviews make it sound like lh do it all

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    Diogo Faria, you are way overreacting.

    Unlike most of the members, I am, just like you, from Portugal and have been shopping from Lovehoney for a while now.

    In the first place, most of the time the package arrives in Portugal and waits HERE, I have no idea why, it's how CTT prefers to take care of it, but it arrives. Sometimes it arrives quick and sometimes it takes very long. Last year I received the parcel in the same week I ordered, but in January this year it took two weeks to be delivered. And I contacted immediately the Customer Care and they told me that, if I did not receive the order until the end of the week to contact them again to sort it out. They were extremely polite and helpful, even though it's not their fault, as CTT does the distribution here and you could be happy that it does not pass through customs as it's in the EU.

    However, in September I ordered something and I was sent a tester. Both arrived between two to three weeks after the supposed date. I did not contacted LH service as I know that I should wait at least three weeks before going bananas. However, I did called the CTT distribution center (not the "posto de correios") and made some pressure. In one day they said: oh, we don't have anything for you. Coincidence or not, in the next morning there it was in my mailbox.

    I also think that we should not have to make pressure, call, etc., but unfortunately in the past months the CTT service went berserk and they are mad at this moment with the amount of time they let the parcels rest in the distribution center. This is what I perceive.

    But I think you are wrong to blame LH for this; I also order regularly from the Book Depository and from Amazon UK (and before they had a postal service company which was quite lame as they also let the parcels in the warehouse for weeks unless you called and demanded to be delivered, even though you could track them to be in your city already) and they are sent through Royal Mail and CTT, just like LH and it does take a LOT of time to get here, I waited once one month and a half for some books. It takes time and usually the fault is on CTT.

    However they might pass through other countries in between which may delay the arrival and you have to take into consideration the bank holidays in each passing country. And call CTT. It's a kerfuffle but it is what it is. Maybe it gets better. Call them, fill the complaint form, just like I had to do sometimes.

    You are here in Portugal, you should contact CTT and if you have the tracking number it will be even easier to solve the situation. If you did not received your order AT ALL, I believe it's a different situation, but just being so picky about dates and make a fuss because of it, and blaming LH, I don't think it's right. Things take time to get here, CTT delays and we have to complain officially, try to solve the problem or deal with it. It's easy to get frustrated or angry but we can't blame who does not have fault about it. Airsure does not mean it arrived quicker; just that you have a tracking code. Don't be so mad about LH; their service is great and it's easier for us to contact the CTT than them, and it's already hard. And it's free mail so you should be more tolerant about the service.

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    Hi everyone.

    I am a part of Lovehoney customer service.

    Once a parcel leaves Lovehoney HQ, it is up to the postal services to ensure the parcel gets to you safely. This is via courier or whatever your local post service is.

    We do have estimated delivery dates for all of our parcels, and sometimes they can be delayed, and of course we are more than happy to look into this for you if you get in touch.

    Especially with international parcels we do need to consider local customs so we do allow an extra amount of time for parcels, this does depend where you are from. There is a certain time period and after that is exceeded we regard the parcel as lost. From here, we are happy to arrange a replacement or a refund for you.

    I hope this clears things up a little, and I will be passing this post over to Jess the forum moderator for review.




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    If you could please pop an email through to customercare@lovehoney.co.uk or come onto livechat, I or one of my colleagues will be happy to help you straight away regarding your delayed parcel.

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    Ok I have juat come on the forums as was out last night with the wife (Seeing Lee Evans at o2) and I know nothing else can be said as all has been said previously but I have never heard anything like it and to put the blame on Lovehoney is just ridiculous it is out of there hands as soon as it leaves the warehouse and also you must note dates and times are always estimated even with inland posting.

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    Young and fun95 wrote:

    blonde vixen13 wrote:

    Oh for lord sake. Drop the attitude. 20 people tell you it's not LH fault. Your frigging postal services fault. You have ordered from the site previously without fault so you know LH normally provide an excellent service.
    Everyone on this forum is pro LH and your moany message isn't going to change that.
    I've waited several weeks and sometimes months for items to arrive from over seas. One weeks isn't going to kill you. Infact when I lived in Northern Ireland which is park of the uk it often took over a week for items to reach me and I was paying postage !
    Go take a chill pill or stick a toy in a body part and try to calm down

    Lol +1

    This has got to be the best advice ever and I think with this type of advice Lovehoney should employ you as a customer service agent lol
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    I live in Germany and the estimated delivery time LH was giving when I placed my the first two orders was quite overzealous aka unrealistic. My toys needed double the time to arrive.

    I let them know so they could adjust their website to a more realistic time frame but they did something else, they made the post hurry up somehow. Now my orders arrive in the time stated and that is in the short time span they said they would from the start.

    What hasn't changed yet is the funny thing that the tracking doesn't work. It shows the parcel as being announced to be despatched and then nothing changes in the status until it has been delivered. This is something only the Deutsche Post could change and not LH, so there is no use in bemoaning it.

    So, you see, LH does something when you let them know things don't work out as they said they would. You just have to give them some time for their efforts to kick in.

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    What the hell OP.... Lovehoney are probably the best company I have ever used for speed of delivery and quality of customer care...don't blame LH if your post office is crap...

    Go take a chill pill or stick a toy in a body part and try to calm down

    Ha ha... that was hilarious!


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    100% agree with what everyone else has said. And there's no need to be so rude to people.

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    I wonder if the parcel has arrived now...

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    I think it probably arrived yesterday, which is why there has been no more moaning!

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    Well for me in Finland sometimes the packages arrive 2 days earlier sometimes 1 week later. It seems to depend a lot on when I made the order (at what day) as this will affect what day in the week it arrives in finland. If it's the wrong day it will stay there for almost a week and if it is just the right day it gets from there to my house in 1 day.

    I'm used to crap postal service, everything I order from lovehoney arrives as fast or faster than the stuff i order from 100 km away in Finland. I guess I am just positively surprised if it arrivs on time but i expect 1 week later than notified, that way i do not need to get upset. And I can't blame lovehoney for something that is a problem in my country.


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    Yeah I wonder if Mr Grumpy has his delivery. Personally I would like to see an apology!

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    I think it's just one of those things. I get annoyed about waiting for deliveries as much as the next person. I Think it's more the issue that in your country there isn't a local LH or equilvalent which is why you are using a first class UK company. Personally I have only the highest regard for the service LH provide not only in delivery but customer service to

    Life sucks sometimes get over it

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    OMG !!!! i'm sorry to say but its defo your local postage service. I just placed my first order ever on LH last month and got it right on the day it said and last order came yesterday when it said today.

    Its not LH's fault at all. I couldnt fault LH service one bit as i have never had any problems with the serivce.. Only thing is i'm totally ADDICTED to LH :)

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    Some things are needed pronto. I needed a new lead to watch t.v. so obviously every day of delay had me missing out... sex toys? I mean, even if I am keen for a new dildo I still have plent yto play with. What is so bad about a couple of days delay? Does anyone really need something new in them right now? I am sorry to say that I read the OP and lol'd.

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