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    I know you're as sick as reading this as they'll be of hearing it but I'd just like to express my thanks to the customer care department at Lovehoney.

    They are fast, efficient, understanding and helpful. Genuinely could give the vast majority of the companies in this country a few pointers about keeping customers satisifed ;)

    I've had several dealings with them now and they never disappoint.

    Thank-you, David for helping with my problem this rmorning, but virtual hugs to all of you.

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    If theres one thing you cannout fault with this company it is it's excellent customer care!

    and products, and staff, and forum............


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    100% agree lovehoneys customer care are amazingly helpful and always a joy to talk to.

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    I've dealt with customer care a few times and they are exceptional... Not surprising how well they do as a company because of it... :)

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    Totally agree extremely helpful customer care team.

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    Lovehoney has an amazing team of people!! =D

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    Love Honeys customer service is astounding. We had a little confusion yesterday over a review I had done the item in question was in my opinion very poorly made but it's still my favorite toy better even than the wee tango . I ordered two more of the same as they were on specail offer. and customer services (Chelsea) contacted me straight away . Questioning me slightly confused

    in all honesty I found it hard to explain ! And I think it showed in my review poorly made but still a great toy and then buying more would confuse anybody .

    I have never dealt with any company with such a high standard of customer service .

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    I doubt they will ever get bored of hearing how wonderful they are x

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    Lovehoney's customer care is by far the best i've ever experienced. Dealt with them a couple of times and i can't fault them one bit!

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