1. Guilt over negative reviews of tester items

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    When I am looking at purchasing a product I like to read the negative reviews people have written to see what it is people don't like about the product and if I feel it would be a similar thing for me.

    I don't like writing negatives but for example I tested a product recently and it just didn't work for me in the way it should, however it could very well work for somebody else.

    lovehoney want good honest reviews and that's why they have testers, not just for positive reviews but also to hear opinions

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    I don't feel bad as such, about writing less than positive reviews. LH want honest reviews, they are not going to want to stock products that numerous individuals do not think is good. I also wouldn't want to write a positive review just for the sake of it, if I didn't like the product. I would feel awful if I did this and others then spent money buying the item and then also not liking it. I enjoy that I can help people to make an informed decision. I know that when I am buying, I always read a good few of the reviews (if there are any) before I make a decision as to whether to go ahead and purchase something.

    I've not written any completely negative reviews (ie. 1 star etc) but I have written reviews that aren't wholly positive. I always try to be as objective as I can and point out any flaws that I have found as well as, more often than not, saying that others may not have the same issues. I tend to think that if I am completely negative about a product, it may put people off buying it all together, when in fact it may be perfect for them, just not me.


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    Don't feel bad hun, lovehoney want you to be honest. If you said something was amazing when it was crap loads of people could buy it then probably send it back. Losing lovehoney money.

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    Dont feel bad. I gave even bad review to products which LH was considering to stock. And they did not. I did feel bad for the company, but I could not give high review if I could not enjoy the product to the point I could justify it.

    Tbh the last negative review I was given was maybe 3 stars, cannot remember, since it was one product they just considered stocking. It was not completely bad toy, but there were things I did not like about it and could not give more stars. I did say why, as well as saying what I did enjoy about the product.

    Personally I try to say in review what I liked, and what I did not. And e.g. if i feel the product works great for me, I still tend to put in that someone, who loves strong vibrations, may be disappointed. This is because I generally like middle strenght vibrations and some of my toys work brilliant for me, but knowing some people here, they would find the toy useless.

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    Totally agree with everyone else.

    As long as you have reviewed it honestly, and explained why you didn't like it - you shouldn't feel guilty. I'd understand if you were just reviewing a product and saying "It's crap" without saying why - but you're not, so it's all cool :)

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    Sunshine,Lollipops wrote:

    This is a negative review and it's great!


    Sunshine I just read the review and found it sounded a really good and honest review and that's probably the reason It was discontinued!
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    Scorpius12 wrote:

    MrsMcX wrote:

    You have to think of it this way, if you post a positive review on a tester product that is bad, lovehoney will order more stock. People will buy it based on your review and then lovehoney will get a load of returns because the item isn't good.

    They want you to be totally honest so they know what to stock and what not to stock. Negative reviews are a good thing for lovehoney, they don't want to be selling customers bad products, they want to sell customers the best products. Just look at it as helping them out.

    +1 I agree with this, by being a tester, we are helping Lovehoney to decide which products to stock. They really do need honest reviews xx

    Absolutely. If we're completely unsure if a product is going to 'work' in use, we'll get it sent out for a review before we agree to stock it. It's much better to have a completely honest review, rather than something like this:

    "Love it! Once I'd snapped it in half, used it upside down and discarded the rest of the entire product it was just about bearable... but it still didn't hit the spot, but that's probably just me."

    We'd rather have something honest than having to read between the lines that the product was rubbish and not good for its intended use!

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    Also, as you see - many people will skip over the positive reviews and just read the negative ones.

    One person's 1-star review of a dildo for being "huge, ridiculously enormous, absolutely far too massive and bigger than I expected!" is just the giant dildo someone else has been looking for...

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    Negative reviews are just as good as positive ones, since everyone's bodies and tastes are different, you can read the reviews that most apply to your body or taste and decide from there whether or not you want the thing

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    all reviews are helpful. Some of us get sent stuff before LH decide of they are going to purchase them. If we say we don't like it and they choose not to stock it then they could have saved money.
    It we give negative reviews on items they have ordered, they know lot to bulk order anymore.
    If you are big boobs or small boons and give a negative review on an item of lingere and how it fits then other people of similar size will no not to order.
    It's best to be honest. It save LH money in the long run and if you lie in your review LH wil catch on and stop askin you to review in future

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