1. Product Materials... What's your favourite?

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    Thank you everyone heart

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    Hmm, this is like asking what your favorite food is.

    Tricky. They do such different things and I'm probably biased to certain toys because of their shapes. Plus, some things are favorites because they are easy, not because they feel the best.

    Right at this minute.

    1. Soft touch silicone over a hard base (Lelo style.) Drag can kill me in a toy, while totally frictionless can be not enough. If I could have a pure wand covered in lelo silicone i'd be a happy chap.

    2. Duel density silicone (Tantus O2, again for drag reasons)

    3. Glass/Metal. Most convenient for insertables because of slickness, not nesseserily my number one for sensation. Need to investigate something with gentle texturing cause that might win overall.

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    I haven't experienced metal in a dildo but wouldn't want to, not a fan of metalic smells so that puts me off.

    Silicone i find really difficult to use even with lubricant, even in smaller girths. It is just too grippy and being very tight it's always a struggle and often a losing battle, with too much flex not helping.

    Glass is wonderful, smooth, no need for lubricant at all, so hygenic, temperature controllable, can't melt or rust so much more versatile with storage options, compatible with all types of lube for those who do prefer it with than without, and amazingly durable, I've dropped mine several times, not so much as a scratch, unlike metal which may dent or silicone which could tear.

    safe to say, dildo wise for me it is glass withoubt a doubt, i only adventure away from it via testers, it's all i'd spend my money on.

    Vibrators it is plastic all the way, but sometimes it gets a bit rough for clitoral play and a silicone vibe is needed for a bit of cushioning, but thats not very typical an occurence as i'm not a frequent player so i don't get irritated from too much hard material use unless i have a period of going a few days in a row, but that is uncommon.


    1st place: Glass

    2nd place: plastic (the super smoothie smooth touch plastic to be exact)

    3rd place: silicone for those i need it a bit more gentle days

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    1. Premium silicone for dildos and vibrators (e.g. Vixen, Jimmyjane)

    2. Metal for plugs and wands

    3. Glass

    I also love leather (whips, cuffs etc.)

    No jelly or smelly rubber ever, for health reasons and I'm not too fond of the feel of plastic.

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    Generally it's:

    1) Silicone

    2) Metal

    3) Glass

    Although if we're talking butt plugs metal and glass trump silicone.

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    1. Glass Think thats our all time favorite

    2. Metal Just started out with this but its great

    3. Silicone Lots of toys are made from this and its a great safe material easy to clean and safe.

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    1) Silicone

    2) Glass

    3) Metal

    We like hard plastic stuff the least :D

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    Glass then silicone for me :-)

    Kasey [sign in to see picture]
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    Metal, Glass then Silicone

    I'm thinking about trying a wooden dildo, like the nobessence range, but I need to save up first :)

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    Am I thr only person here who just doesnt get on well with silicone? Although it feels much nicer than rubber, I just like the softness and flexibility of rubber.

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    Med grade silicone, bonus if it's soft touch rather than shiny.

    glass is good for dildos.

    Really want to try wood.

    Not convinced by metal.......think it would feel too, clinical. :-/

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    fo restraints i am now a leather convert. (typed whilst wearing a leather cuff pmsl)

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    Dildos- glass or silicone
    Vibrators -silicone
    But plugs - silicone

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