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    I hope this hasn't been asked loads of times before, but i couldn't find it easily via search so thought i would start a new thread.

    How much do people take price into account when reviewing?

    for example, i have some quite expensive leather wrist cuffs, but have been sent some cheaper faux ones to review,

    The faux cheaper ones are not as good as the expensive leather ones, and i wouldn't expect them to be, but does that mean that I can't ever give them 5 stars? Or can I give them 5 stars if I think they are 1/3 of as good as they are roughly 1/3 of the price?

    Just wanted to know what you guys do

    Thanks :)

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    I would review them based on the RRP or the price that youve been given. are they value for money and well made for the price. You would have an idea if you'd be disappointed if you'd paid £x for them or be happy with your purchase

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    I only consider price if it is material to my review. If it's so good that price doesn't matter then i don't mention it.
    If it's average but cheap, I'll say it's worth the money but for more you can get a better one.

    I don't think you can ignore cost as it's an integral part of a purchasing decision for many but sometimes price doesn't matter.

    Having said all that, you should review in a way that suits you...

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    I do take price into account but would state in review that "you can find better if you're willing to pay more but for £x these are brilliant" or some such thing.

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    Personally, value for money is a big part of it. To get five stars, something would have to be very good whatever the price, but to get five stars and be expensive, it would have to be outstanding.

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    Ooops duplicate
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    I also try to take price into account in my reviews(still relatively new to this).My goal when writing them is to inform the people whether they'll get their money's worth or not and also present my personal experiences so they have a better idea about the product.Value for money is quite important.

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    Interesting question! When I review, I take price into consideration, but I do it in a slightly different way. Instead of comparing two products, one cheap, one expensive and rating the cheap ones lower for being lower grade...I just try to imagine this question:

    "Would I be happy to pay the price this item cost, for this item"

    Because it goes without saying that, more often than not (not always) lower price toys will not compare with much higher priced, luxury toys when it comes to quality. That is the point afterall. The luxury items are supposed to be luxury and people come along and think "Okay, I want the best of the best" and look for the luxury, whereas others come along and think "I'm on a budget, what is the best I can get for my budget"

    and then it is your job as the reviewer to think of that first question; would you be happy to pay for that product, and if the answer is yes, then give it a high rating. When you do it this way, you avoid comparing luxury with cheap and instead you compare only that single product with whether or not you thought it was worth the price.

    So, say if I were reviewing a £10 pair of wrist cuffs....quality is still important. Of course, I would not be as judgemental of little flaws, or stiffer/thinner leather...but would I be happy spending my £10 on them? I would not be happy paying out my £10 if the cuffs broke on me after one gentle use, or if it gave me some allergic reaction, or if the design somehow stopped me from being able to use them to fulfill their purpose....on the other hand, for £10, I don't expect them to be luxuriously designed.

    Okay, put it this way. Price does matter, but you have to look at it in context....I would not be happy walking into a classy restaurant, paying £100 for my meal and being served a macdonalds burger...on the other hand, if I walked into macdonalds and paid my £2.50, I would be perfectly happy with that macdonalds burger.

    I tend to give less than 5 stars, if I discovered some kind of "issue" with the product (really weak vibes, didn't get me off, hard to clean, difficult to use, surprisingly noisy etc)

    Sorry I did not describe this very well, but I hope you understand what I am trying to say. xx

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    I'm the same as Fluffs, in the way that I wouldn't compare my lower priced items to my higher priced items. If I'm buying bodage gear; I know that to have better quality I'd have to spend more money. But if I just wanted something there and then just to tide me over I'd think of it in terms of Am I happy paying X for this item.

    I don't think it should have an impact on the amount of stars you gave it. So if I've just brought a Faux leather flogger for £10 and that has done the job that it claims to do perfectly well, it's well made (For that price) then why wouldn't I give it the 5 stars it's due. (If that makes sence).

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    I agree value for money is important, I prefer to review items with RRP in mind,

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    Thanks guys,

    I was guessing most people wouldn't downreview an item based on it being cheaper compared to a luxury item, but glad to have it clarified,

    noone wants to spend ages writing a review and find that they haven't done it right!

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