This Week on YouTube: How to Have Amazing Shower Sex

This Week on YouTube: How to Have Amazing Shower Sex

by Jess

on 14 Mar 2019

Splish splash I was havin' a... climax?

With these sexpert tips from Jess Wilde you will be!

Enjoying a little sexytime in the bath or shower makes a lot of sense; you're in a hot steamy environment, there's a lock on the door for total privacy and you're naked!

But when it comes to the act itself, sometimes it's not as smooth (and slippery) as one would expect.

In this week's YouTube video, Jess gives you the 101 on getting the most out of your bathroom routine.

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Jess Wilde is one of the UK's leading experts in sex and bondage and is the go-to for all things sex - from general sex advice to the ins and outs of sex toys and kinks.

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on 14 Mar 2019. Updated on 5 Aug 2020