Join the Orgasm Revolution with Womanizer's New Clitoral Toys

Join the Orgasm Revolution with Womanizer's New Clitoral Toys

by Lovehoney

on 5 Jul 2018

Womanizer Premium

Ready to be blown away?

Say hello to the new Womanizer collection - the incredible new sex toys from Womanizer with patented Pleasure Air Technology and even more groundbreaking, earth-shaking tech and orgasmic settings than you could ever have dreamed of.

Offering a world of new ecstasy-inducing experiences, pure pleasure is at your fingertips.

Read on to find out about Womanizer’s groundbreaking new Premium and Classic features.

womanizer premium

What are they?

Clitoral stimulation toys offering an incredible sensory experience, the Womanizer Premium and Classic use unique Pleasure Air Technology to excite the clitoris without even touching it.

Instead, they offers sweet suction and gentle vibrations.

The feeling of pulsation that this elicits is enough to bring you to orgasm in minutes (or even seconds).

Ergonomically designed, it doesn’t matter whether you’re left-handed or right-handed, the devices are easily positioned against the clitoris and held in place until the suction brings you to a mind-blowing climax.

The Premium

womanizer black

Silence is golden

The Womanizer Premium has heard your call and responded.

Introducing Smart Silence, the revolutionary new technology that ensures the only thing you have to keep quiet is yourself.

Inbuilt sensors let the toy know when it’s near your body so you can relax in knowing it won’t accidentally turn on, or, if it falls out of your hands during play, you don’t have to worry about trying to turn it off before anyone hears.


Let yourself go

Autopilot is the amazing new feature that allows you to lie back and let the Womanizer Premium take control.

Choose between 3 ranges of stimulation, then let the autopilot mode randomly vary the stimulation and intensity so you can concentrate solely on your own enjoyment.

womanizer white

Choices, choices

The Womanizer Premium has a superbly quiet motor, and has optimised existing technology to bring you a tantalising 12 levels of intensity, with more differentiation than ever before.

The first level is softer than the softest level on existing products, while the highest level reaches a stronger intensity than its counterparts, giving you a full spectrum of sensory play.

There's more

Its silicone body feels velvety soft to the touch and offers 100% waterproof functionality for play in the bath or shower.

Enjoy varied sensations with interchangeable silicone heads.

  1. Premium

    • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
    • Super-silent motor (<40dB)
    • Autopilot mode
    • 12 intensity levels – Softer first level, harder max level compared to W500
    • Smart Silence
    • Waterproof
    • Battery run time 240 mins
    • Charging time 120 mins
    • Super-soft silicone
    • USB Cable with magnetic charging pins
    • High quality silk storage bag
  2. red womanizer

  1. Classic

    • Patented Pleasure Air Technology
    • 8 intensity levels
    • Whisper quiet mode (42dB)
    • Waterproof
    • Battery run time 180 mins
    • Charging time 120 mins
    • Super-soft silicone
    • USB Cable with magnetic charging pins
    • High quality silk storage bag
  2. classic womanizer


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