What Your Subject Choice Says About Your Sex Life

What Your Subject Choice Says About Your Sex Life

by Guest

on 22 Mar 2017

What Your Subject Choice Says About Your Sex Life

University is a varied and diverse place, with a whole range of different types of people for you to meet and interact with.

It's wonderful having the opportunity to learn about other people's passions and how someone else approaches life in comparison to yourself.

Every subject has its strengths and particular fortes academically, but who says that can't translate to other areas too, such as your sex life?

Got your eye on an enticing engineer? Want to have some va va voom with a very tempting French student? Read on below to see what particular skills they can bring to your bedroom, as well as the exam hall…

(Remember, this is all a bit of light-hearted fun – obviously not everyone on the same course is exactly the same person and has exactly the same sex life!)


Art students are people who appreciate the aesthetics in everything around them, and they use their ability to create beauty to turn on their sexual partner.

They know what a difference some sexy lingerie and mood lighting can make to a situation.

Expect them to have prepared for the arrival of someone in their bedroom by wearing their favourite outfit and perhaps lighting a few candles for the right atmosphere.


Bill Nye Science

Driven by a fascination with the human body and its workings, even if their particular focus isn't anything particularly sexual, Biology students will still treat their partner and their body with true appreciation and interest - after all, this is biology in action!

Some may perhaps approach sexual fun as a form of experiment, but that can only benefit their partner, since their number one area of interest will be what their body responds to and how they react.

Business & Management

Business Students

Business scholars are assertive and know how to take charge of a situation.

In the bedroom, this means they are initiators and are happy to take the lead if their partner needs some guidance or is nervous.

These are also people who can separate their emotions from a situation if needed (business can be ruthless, after all!), so they would make great friends with benefits, since if too much emotion was brewing, it would be sorted pronto.


Chemistry Students

Can you say, experimental? Chemists love making combinations that spark, fizz and bang!

Happy to dabble in most areas of bedroom spice, they are open to suggestions and will definitely have a go.

Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer scientists are used to having to spend meticulous detail to their studies, as one tiny coding error can make their entire project not work.

Being adept at this level of attention can make for an equally attentive lover in the bedroom.

Expect them to take note of the little things, like the way you sigh when they touch a certain spot, or catch them smiling at you when you're seemingly not doing much at all.


Economics Student

There is the stereotype that all economics students love money. I think a better way of thinking of this is that they enjoy the finer things in life and are not afraid to indulge themselves.

This fearlessness in regards to going after what they want makes them very confident in the bedroom, especially when it comes to asking to try new things, and are unfazed by the prospect of more hardcore practices. Expect very few boundaries with this one.


Engineering Students

Hands, hands, hands – engineers know how to use them! Whether it's building circuit systems or exploring their partner's nether regions, these students have a very clearly transferable skill.

They are very much interested in how things work, so their partner's body is no different. Once they find a spot that is successful, expect them to not leave it alone until their partner is thoroughly satisfied - engineers are manual sex masters.


Geography Students

Location enthusiast Geographers know all the best places for potential outdoor action and probably have a fair few more on their bucket list.

They consider nature to be beautiful, so why wouldn't they wouldn't they want to combine a beautiful place with a beautiful partner doing beautiful things? I guess exploring these different whereabouts can be considered educational… right? Just keep it legal.


History Students

With an affinity for remembering specific dates and facts, a Historian's memory is a strong tool.

These are the people you want to have repeat sexual encounters with, because given most of their degree is analysing and learning from the past and its consequences, they can remember their past sexual encounters, evaluate what worked and what didn't, and learn from it to make the next time even better than the first.


Linguistics Students

As one language student once told me, their whole degree is based on communication. For this reason, a sexual encounter with them is always a comfortable and open experience.

They see no problem in telling their partner exactly where to put their hands or question (in explicit terms!) what exactly turns their partner on, and also are more than happy to follow any orders in return.

Even if at first they are not amazing at stimulating their partner's body, their willingness to change their technique in the moment and follow instructions to the best of their ability leads to satisfaction from both parties every time.


Law Students

Justice will prevail! Or rather, a fair and equal deal is the name of the game with a Lawyer between the sheets.

Standing by a moral code in work also applies to bedroom activities. Selfishness isn't in their blood and if they feel too much focus has been on them, they will try to rectify that by offering the same amount of effort and patience in return.

They strongly feel that sexual fun should be mutually satisfying, so if their partner has been receiving for the whole time and has not given anything in return, Law students will feel no qualms restoring the balance.


Maths Students

Mathematicians work with logic and proof. Don't expect too much sentimentality or romance from these people. Not that they are cold or emotionless – they just have a more methodical approach.

Their strengths include patience and trying different methods and techniques to reach an end goal. Their partner's pleasure is much like a conundrum that they are looking for a solution for. They do not mind trying different ways to reach this and as such they can be surprisingly experimental.


Medical Students

Ah, Medics – the elite of the university world. Clever, committed, caring… Medical students seem to have it all. Except free time.

With a "work hard, play hard" mentality, they don't do anything by halves. Letting off steam is their main goal and that enthusiasm will be clear, so expect an exhausting night of physical exertion!

That being said, they won't be just in it for themselves – that caring attitude they possess will translate to ensuring their partner is just as in the moment as they are at all times.


Physicists know about abstract workings of the universe and vast ideas that are often bordering on too complex to comprehend… and still they often get nervous when approaching and initiating contact with potential partners. That they can still find wonder in something so "everyday" is definitely a testament to their sweet nature.

Sex with them will mean so much more than a casual thing – they view sex as another amazing and mysterious entity much like the natural laws they learn about, and as such will give it the respect it deserves.


Psychology Students

Studying the mind comes in extremely useful for these lucky students. They understand the right words to say and the correct way of approaching partners in a way that students of other subjects just don’t fully understand, or at least can’t execute quite as masterfully.

They are Foreplay Lords, knowing exactly how to turn on their partner through words and body language, so subtly that their partner doesn’t even realise it! For them, all the work comes at the start of being in the bedroom, sometimes even before that, so that after they have done their job of getting the mood in place, they can lie back, relax and enjoy their partner’s appreciation of their efforts.


Sociology Students

Society obviously intrigues Sociology students and sex is a subject that is intrinsically a part of living in our world today. They feel at ease questioning social norms, and why certain activities are seen as questionable or out of the ordinary.

Thus, they have no qualms about pushing bedroom boundaries, since they feel the confidence to live and enjoy their own way, and don’t care about what anyone else thinks about their choices.

Be prepared for them to give detailed commentary on their desires, and for them to be fascinated about your views on sex and the role it plays in our everyday lives.

What do you think? Does this accurately describe your bedroom style? Let us know in the comments below!

Blogger supercutesecret is an established sex and relationships blogger, who studies Maths & Statistics at the University of Warwick.

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