Kinky Sex: What Should You Try Next?

Kinky Sex: What Should You Try Next?

by Jess

on 8 Jan 2018

One of the most common questions we hear at Lovehoney is "what should I try next?"

Often couples like the idea of progressing play, especially if they like their sex to be a little on the kinky side.

Now, clearly, there never needs to be a "next" if you don't want there to be.

Sex isn't a graded system or a "competition of cool", and you won't "flunk" sex class if you don't keep trying lots of new stuff.

However, life does tend to be a lot more fun and satisfying when you're up for stepping outside of your comfort zone now and again - and never is that more true than when talking about sex.

(What's that saying about "variety" and "spice" again?)

So if you're up for trying something new in the bedroom and are looking for a few suggestions for what to try next, then this blog is for you.


If you already like the feeling of being restrained, then the next step is to slightly increase the level of restriction.

Reduce the freedom you still get with standard cuffs by introducing a new level of restriction and forcing the wearer's arms into a set position.

These wrist-to-thigh cuffs are a great 'next step' as they insist that the wearer's arms are kept at their sides, however they don't force the wearer into any obscure origami-esque positions. (Phew!)

Not to mention they still leave a lot of play position options open to explore, and can be easily swivelled so the hands are at the front, sides or back of the legs.

20% off Handcuffs and Restraints

20% off Handcuffs and Restraints


Much like the above advice for stepping-up wrist restraint, the best way to intensify ankle binding is to crank up the level of restriction, and one way to do this is with a spreader bar.

A nifty device designed to restrain the legs and hold them open for intimate access, they can be enjoyed in a plethora of sex positions and are restrictive, without getting in the way of play.

Some spreader bars also come with the option to involve arm restraint too, leaving you and your partner with another level of bondage to work up to when the time is right.


Although these two look like they could be mortal enemies in a comic book they actually have a very similar purpose. (Send us your hero and villain name suggestions on a postcard, aka in a comment.)

Both designed to draw circulation to the surface of your skin and enhance overall sensitivity, a feather tickler does this with widespread soft contact, while a pinwheel performs the same trick over a smaller, more precise area.

The results? Prickly tickles that leave you mentally and physically aroused, and begging for more. Plus, pinwheels can be used anywhere externally and, with their finer point of contact, they're great for stimulating hard-to-reach areas.


So, you know you like spanking. Go you! Chances are you've dabbled with a bit of palm spanking and might have even tried a spanking paddle. You are awesome.

Now, if the receiver reckons they can take a little more and want to try spanks with more intensity, the next step is a broad riding crop.

Riding crops are easy to wield with a little practice, and can deliver everything from a slappy tap on the bum to ear-bending sharp stings that last. How you spank is up to you (and your safe word!)

For the Dom, a riding crop immediately enhances the power dynamic of a spank session and enables sharp impact with minimal effort, while the sub enjoys more precise contact that can leave a mark (if they want it to).


Whether you've tried actual nipple suckers or just know you love nipple play, nipple clamps can be an amazing way to enjoy hands-free nip' stim' and enhanced overall arousal.

Did you know that around 1% of PWCs (people with a clitoris) can climax from nipple play alone? And even if that lucky person isn't you, the mind of a PWC is hardwired to produce oxytocin when their nipples are stimulated.

More than simply a 'bonding' hormone for getting to know your offspring, oxytocin is vital for sexual climax, too.

So, flood your brain with oxytocin and boost your chances of orgasm by giving your love buttons some squeezy attention. And no, they're not all for pain; just choose an adjustable set for noob-friendly nork pinching.

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on 8 Jan 2018. Updated on 5 Aug 2020