Fifty Shades Freed: 10 Days of Play

Fifty Shades Freed: 10 Days of Play

by Lovehoney

on 13 Nov 2017

The fun is never over with Fifty Shades Freed...

You may have already devoured each individual offering with giddy glee but things are only just beginning.

Offering much, much more than just 10 Days of Play, the Fifty Shades Freed Couples Gift Set has been designed to keep you thrilled well after all the doors have been opened.

You might already have your own ideas on how to keep those blissful adventures coming, but, because here at Lovehoney we love to give, we thought we’d share with you a few more.



  • Blindfold your partner and tease them with the tickler all over their erogenous zones
  • Explore forced orgasms with your blindfolded (and restrained) partner
Nipple Clamps
  • Instruct your partner to wear the nipple clamps under their clothes
  • Use nipple clamp on clitoris or labia for extra intense thrills
Jiggle Balls
  • Wear the jiggle balls during a dinner date for a playful outdoor adventure
  • Try inserting the jiggle balls and using the bullet vibe to bring yourself to climax - double stimulation makes the orgasm even more intense
Satin Ties
  • Tell your partner to touch themselves while you use the satin restraints to tie their legs
  • Bondage and oral go hand-in-hand, tie your partner to a chair with the silky restraints and give them a mind-blowing orgasm with your mouth
  • Satin ties can be used as a gag for some added kink
  • Insert the butt plug and rest the bullet against the outer to transform it into a vibrating butt plug
  • Hold the bullet vibrator against the outside of your cheek while performing oral sex on your partner
  • While your partner is wearing the nipple clamps, use the flogger to gently brush over their chest to heighten sensations
  • Play with sensations - give your partner a slow massage interspersed with an occasional light spank (flagellation) to the shoulders, buttocks and the backs of thighs and calves
Butt plug
  • Use the silky restraints to tie your partner and use your fingers or mouth to stimulate their anus before slipping in the silicone butt plug
  • Ladies, experiment with double penetration by wearing the butt plug and the jiggle balls at the same time
Cock Ring
  • Slip the cock ring onto your fingers to turn your digits into a rabbit vibrator
  • Put the blindfold on your partner and slip on the vibrating cock ring to surprise them with new-level intercourse

And in traditional Lovehoney 'sex-should-be-fun' style, here are a few that didn't make the cut:

  • Attach the flogger to your handbag as a stylish accessory/for flagellation on-the-go
  • Use the feather tickler as an erotic accessory during French Maid roleplay
  • Pluck your eyebrows or chin hairs with the nipple clamps
  • Use the jiggle balls to blend your make-up
  • Get a good nap when it's all over with the eye mask
  • Attach the satin ties to some poles to indulge in a little rhythmic gymnastics

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Originally published on 13 Nov 2017. Updated on 5 Aug 2020