Beat the Start-of-the-Week Blues with #UndieMondays - Now on Youtube!

Beat the Start-of-the-Week Blues with #UndieMondays - Now on Youtube!

by Sammi

on 25 Jul 2016

We all know that the start of the week can be a real drag, especially after a blissful weekend. So here's a little something to help cheer up all you lingerie enthusiasts: Undie Mondays!

Every Monday, I'll be posting a brand-spanking new video on the hottest underwear topic to help you with your sexy style.

Fashion tips, lingerie life hacks, scientific experiments (because it's vital that we find out which G-string we can ping the furthest) - you'll find it all on my Undie Mondays playlist on the Lovehoney Youtube channel.

If you've been dying to try a certain lingerie item but aren't sure what to wear it with, or you've got a burning basque-related question, just add your comments below the videos.

Plus, if you hit the 'Subscribe' button, you'll never miss out!

So, what's this week's topic? Well, you'll just have to head over to Youtube to find out…


Written by Sammi. Lovehoney's Student Sexpert
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Originally published on 25 Jul 2016. Updated on 5 Aug 2020