Top Tips For Achieving Multiple Orgasms (For Her)

by Guest

on 15 Nov 2017

Top Tips For Achieving Multiple Orgasms

For most of us, regardless of gender, trying to have more than one orgasm is about as easy as finding the motivation to start work for tomorrow’s deadline. Much like academic motivation, it’s something we all dream about but doubt we can ever experience.

I used to think that multiple orgasms (especially for women) were a bit of a myth. And to be honest, I thought it was just something they showed in porn films to make the action last longer.

However, I am (very) pleased to say that I was wrong: they are not a myth! Regardless of your gender, there are a variety of different techniques, toys and positions you can try to achieve that ‘ooh’ feeling more than once.

Tried and tested by myself, keep reading for my top tips on having that big finish again and again.

These are Lovehoney customer favourites:

Different types of orgasms

Thankfully, the human body provides plenty of different opportunities for orgasm. Every one of us has different bodies, and while not everyone can reach orgasm from nipple stimulation or bum play, it is worth giving all the different ways a try.

Work with what you have, explore your own body and see which different orgasms you can reach.

Dedicate some time to your own nipples, maybe try one of Lovehoney's nipple clamps, and see if you're one of the lucky ones who can cum that way. Be creative, buy toys, try new positions, and don't be afraid to explore.

Wetter is better

Lube is a fantastic everyday assistant in our sex lives, but we often take for granted the wonders it can help us achieve.

Using lubricant on your or your partner's genitals can help to decrease uncomfortable friction, which is very useful for achieving multiple orgasms.

This increased sensitivity can make your partner's touch feel electric and leave you begging for them to keep touching even after your first orgasm.

Don't be afraid to be generous with lube in all areas; try using one of Lovehoney's fantastic lubricants on your nipples as well as your genitals.

Take breaks wisely

Personally, I can't cum in quick succession, because I find that for the five minutes after an orgasm I'm too sensitive for touch. However, that hasn't stopped me from achieving multiple orgasms.

Once I've cum, I usually spend the next five minutes channelling my sexual desire onto my boyfriend instead of myself, much to his happiness.

After that short break, I'm feeling ready to go again, and ready for another big finish.

Taking breaks can really benefit you on your quest to achieve multiple orgasms, so listen to your body.

Two's company

A great way to work on achieving multiple orgasms is with somebody else. Whether it's with a long-term or casual partner, having somebody else to help can be useful.

If you're getting down and dirty with someone, remember that it's a two-way street – if your partner isn't quite hitting the spot, help them.

They probably want you to cum as much as you can, too, so work together to make it happen.

If you mention that you're trying to achieve multiple orgasm, they're likely to rise to the challenge of making it happen for you.

Possibly the most important tip to achieve multiple orgasms is to relax. Multiple orgasms can take time and exploration, but that's perfectly normal.

Trying to achieve multiple orgasms should be an enjoyable experience, no matter how long it takes.

Why not share any tips you have below, and if you're joining the quest for multiple orgasms, let me know how it goes.

Megan is a Psychology student at the University of Exeter. She can't quite read minds, but can read bodies.

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