New and Approved: Tilly's Sex Toy Top Picks

New and Approved: Tilly's Sex Toy Top Picks

by Lovehoney

on 2 Nov 2015

New and Approved: Tilly's Sex Toy Top Picks

If sex toys are like buses, then the pre-Christmas period is the stop where all three are coming at once.

We got a sniff of the upcoming festive rush last week, when two of the most highly anticipated sex toys came into Lovehoney HQ to be measured, profiled, photographed and generally pampered before going live on the site.

Both releases are from highly reputed companies. With one designed for clitoral use and the other as a male toy, everybody wins!

Grab one for yourself and be the first on the innovative pleasure bandwagon, or start stockpiling gifts for Crimbo and tuck one away for your lover (if you can wait that long to give it to them).

1. Fleshlight Quickshot

Fleshlight is the biggest-selling male masturbator brand, in the world, ever.

Famous for their torch-style realistic masturbators, while the classic Fleshlight ‘flashlight’ model is still the company’s bread and butter, they are undeniably bulky and ill-suited to a suitcase.

Recognising this, Fleshlight have recently been experimenting with releasing more discreet and travel-friendly products.

Earlier this year we saw the release of the Go Surge and Go Torque, their 17% shorter, scaled-down version of the classic Fleshlight, intended for all the men out there dating lingerie models.

Quickshot is Fleshlight’s most compact masturbator yet, a mere 4.25 inches from end to end. Open-ended with twin entrances and asymmetrical textures, the compact toy is lined with soft and twisting SuperSkin that offers amazingly orgasmic sensations.

In addition to its travel-friendly credentials, the Quickshot design is also better suited for use with a partner, who can use it during oral sex or just as an easy-to-wield hand-job aid. Its rinse-through design makes clean up and aftercare simple, while the two caps lock on for hygienic storage even if you’re hiding it under the bed.

"I usually prefer closed end toys because I like the suction they produce but for this one I’ll make an exception. It feels so nice and gave me a massive orgasm." - zippo, Lovehoney reviewer

2. Womanizer W500

Womanizer W500 USB Rechargeable Clitoral Stimulator

A runaway success, the Womanizer W100 was one of the surprise hits of 2014, with its ritzy styling and ear thermometer shape shaking the faith of all who saw it.

However, thanks to its amazingly innovative shake-and-suck combination, coupled with a hollow silicone tip that allowed for contactless stimulation, substance won out over style with a deluge of reviews hailing it as a completely new style of clitoral play.

A year on and the Womanizer W500 is finally here. Recognising power isn't the crux of the Womanizer's stimulation, instead they've chosen to broaden the spectrum of available speeds by adding a super-gentle lower setting as well as an intense top setting.

Other improvements include an extra button for quicker access to your chosen speed setting – although the rhinestone button remains firmly in place.

Its silicone tip also remain in situ but the handle has been contoured to better fit the palm of your hand. Happily, the blaring Barbie colouration remains in play, albeit lacking the leopard print detailing of the previous model.

One of the best things about the Womanizer is its ability to deliver intense orgasms without abrasive overstimulation – ideal for those who are particularly sensitive. It's also super-simple to use and clean, with just the tiniest dab of water-based lube required around the rim, and a detachable tip for easy cleaning after use.

"Not like any orgasm I’ve ever had from a toy, lasting for what it seemed like forever. It doesn’t rip it from you like the more robust wands or bullets, just a gentle heavenly sensation." - Wildcherry, Lovehoney reviewer

Either of these products would make a wonderful Christmas gift, or for some time-tested inspiration check out our Top 10 Best Sex Toys buyer's guide.

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