This is Why You Need a Sqweel XT in Your Life (in Emojis)

This is Why You Need a Sqweel XT in Your Life (in Emojis)

by Lovehoney

on 16 Mar 2016

Sqweel XT for Men emoji

The toy that's been on everyone's lips, and soon to be in everyone's bedside cabinet, has finally arrived.

The game-changing Sqweel XT for Men USB Rechargeable Oral Sex Simulator features 10 twirling tongues which rotate at three speeds and three pulsating patterns to accurately mimic oral sex.

One must only get hard, lube up and slip inside for the ultimate joyride.

The Sqweel XT can be used in a solo sesh, canoodling with a partner or in the shower. The possibilities for mind-boggling blowies are endless.

Allow these not-so-innocent emojis to take you on a journey of enlightenment as you discover why you need a Sqweel XT in your life.

Can't get a blowjob? No problem.

The Sqweel XT features two sets of Turbo Tongues™ - soft and extra firm, which rotate in three powerful speeds and three pulsating patterns to simulate intense oral sex action.

Sqweel XT Blowjob

Why have one tongue when you can have 10?!

Lube up and let the 10 rotating Turbo Tongues lick you into a frenzy. Use the soft tongues for seriously satisfying solo stimulation. Switch to the extra firm tongue wheel when you want even stronger sensations.

Sqweel XT tongues

With the Sqweel XT, every day can be your birthday.

Unless you're very lucky, blowjobs can be few and far between. Thankfully, the Sqweel XT is USB rechargeable, which means you can get BJs on tap, anywhere in the world.

Sqweel XT for Men birthday

Does your partner get jaw ache? Say no more.

BJs are hard work. Use the Sqweel XT for all the same sensations and give your partner's jaw a well-deserved break.

Sqweel XT jaw

Use the Sqweel XT on him and take all of the credit.

Use a combination of Sqweel XT, hand and mouth for a mind-blowing blowjob. You never know, he might just return the favour.

Sqweel XT for Men

Because your penis deserves more than just your hand.

AMIRIGHT?! Your trusty trouser snake has been with you through thick and thin and deserves better.

Sqweel XT Hand

Warning: If there are two penises in the equation, you might have to rock, paper, scissors for the first go…

Sqweel XT Rock Paper Scissors

If the Sqweel XT tickles your pickle, click the link below.

Sqweel XT oral sex toy for men

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