12 Things We're Dying to Find Out About Christian Grey

12 Things We're Dying to Find Out About Christian Grey

by Lovehoney

on 13 Jun 2015

Grey E L James Book

Fifty Shades fans rejoice! E L James announced last week that she would be adding a fourth book to the notorious Fifty Shades series.

Simply titled Grey (mysterious), the book will be told from the point of view of Christian Grey, the enigmatic lover of Anastasia Steele and possibly the most famous leading man of the 21st century.

Grey will be published on 18th June (which is of course Mr Grey's birthday) and will give fans the insight into Christian's world that they've been hoping for.

Naturally, we had a lot of unanswered questions about this perplexing character which we're dying to find out. The most pressing of which can be found below accompanied by an array of steamy GIFs.

They really are the GIFs that keep on giving. Thank you Jamie Dornan.

1. When does Christian actually do any work?

And more importantly, what even is his job?!

2. Is his neck sore from constantly cocking his head to one side?

Someone get this man a Chiropractor.

3. Who cleans his Red Room?

Surely he doesn't expect Ms. Jones to dust in there?

4. Speaking of the Red Room, did he do all of the room decoration and multiple wall-mountings himself?

What if an electrician needed access? Nightmare!

5. He is constantly insisting Ana eats more. Does he secretly like more cushion for the pushing?

Go on, admit it, a bit of jiggle makes you wanna wiggle.

6. How does he really keep all of those women quiet?

No piece of paper could stop us blabbing. That's for sure.

7. Does he have an inner goddess who dances around and jumps up and down too? Or does his saunter and growl?


8. Does one person really need 12 identical suit jackets?

We've already established he never goes to work…

9. HOW did he not laugh, not even a little bit, when galumphing Ana fell face first into his office?


10. How did he get a gigantic, four-poster sex bed up to the top floor of an apartment building without anyone noticing?


11. Does "Do you sell cable ties?" always work so well with picking up women? (Guys, take note.)

Ana must feel SO special.

12. And finally, how exactly does one become "fifty shades of f**ked up"?

Is he certain he's not 49 shades, or even 51? How can he be sure?

What are YOU hoping to discover in Grey? Let us know in the comment section.

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