"Writhing, Gasping, and Shuddering..." - Review of the Month, December 2014

"Writhing, Gasping, and Shuddering..." - Review of the Month, December 2014

by Jess

on 9 Jan 2015

"Review of the Month" - Review of the Month, December 2014

According to customer feedback, one of your favourite things about Lovehoney is our huge ([[stats:reviews]] and counting!) collection of impartial sex toy reviews, and we literally couldn't do it without you!

To say thank you for your diligent sex toy testing, we select our favourites every month to win an amazing prize.

This month's winner is JJohnson who has won a £100 Lovehoney Gift Voucher for their fantastic review of the Aneros Helix Syn Silicone Prostate Massager ([[productprice:productid=24600]]).

"It slips in with remarkable ease and, due to it's scientifically designed shape, seems to dive into position like a well trained marine ready for action."

"For me, my first experience was fantastic. Did I experience a mega-O? I didn't. Did I experience multiple dry orgasms? No. But what I did experience was something I've never felt before that has changed my sexual self awareness forever…"

Read the rest of JJohnson's review to learn more about his life-changing sexual experience.

But it doesn't stop there. We've also selected our favourite runners up to win another exclusive Lovehoney prize…

We've picked three fabulous reviews from December to feature as runners up. Each member wins 2,000 Oh! Points to spend or save on their Lovehoney Community account. Congratulations!

Runners Up

butterflybee's review of the Lovehoney Love Me Lace Halter Bra ([[productprice:productid=31410]])

"As with the boyshorts, the bra is very comfortable to wear, the lace is not scratchy in the slightest. Worn together, the bra and boyshorts make a very sexy lingerie set. The bra can easily be worn on its own under clothing, or teamed with the matching boyshorts and suspenders as a bedroom outfit to excite and tease your partner. "

Lovehoney Sex Toy Renewer Powder

CutieCurious's review of the Lovehoney Sex Toy Renewer Powder ([[productprice:productid=31455]])

"Once the powder was on, I stored my toys away until the next time I wanted to use them - that was when I saw just how effective this product is. When I cleaned the powder off before my next play session, the toys felt soft and realistic once more - no tackiness at all. They felt like brand new toys. I've now got into the habit of using the powder every time I use my realistic dildos, whether I feel like they're getting tacky or not. I'll be keeping a constant stock of it in future - it's a must-have."

Spoonerism's review of the Bettie Page Picture This Spanking Bat ([[productprice:productid=25492]])

"This spanking bat is so fun to use. It is a nice weight to it and comfortable to hold for a reasonable period of time. It would be great for absolute beginners who may be a bit timid about dealing blows to their partner as it is very gentle, even when swung with force."

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Written by Jess.

Originally published on 9 Jan 2015. Updated on 5 Aug 2020