1. Rosebud Stainless Steel Small Butt Plug

    Anyone for anal jewellery? And no, we don't mean a butt bracelet, or even a guiche - but this Orgasm Army reviewer is so taken by their Rosebud Stainless Steel Small Butt Plug that it's made that crucial step up from tawdry sex toy to enviable body adornment. Although you probably wouldn't be able to show it to too many people, even if like this reviewer you enjoy wearing it out dancing! To see why this butt plug is a true design classic, read on.

    Anything that encourages toy-shy partners to dip a toe in our world has got to be a good thing, right? And if it's discreet and environmentally friendly to boot, you have only yourself to blame if you pass over the Lelo Lily Luxury Rechargeable Vibrator in favour of what this Orgasm Army reviewer refers to as 'nu-rave bright purple/ bulging/ massive/ space-alien/ screaming rotary motor vibrators'. Hmm, maybe she has a point… Read on to see if you agree.

    Bondage Tape Does exactly what it says on the tin, our bondage tape - plus a whole lot more besides. For an inkling of this miracle tape's many uses, let the voice of experience (otherwise known as an Orgasm Army reviewer) talk you through it.

    That Girl with a One-track Mind's got a lot to answer for - the popular blog turned even more popular book, letting the world at large know all about which sex toys to use for mind-blowing orgasms. One-track Mind Girl, we salute you, wherever you are, and the Orgasm Army reviewer who took your tip for a Vibrating Rock Chick is probably even more grateful than us. She certainly sounds like she is…

    This anal player from the Orgasm Army ranks enjoys sitting on the fence - as long as there's a medium-sized butt plug attached. She titled her review 'A 'phase two' bum toy for more fun if you find you like botty-stuffing', which pretty much says it all, but for the full range of applications just read on…

    Vibrating Heart Panty Pal

    The Daily Mail on 18 May ran a story called Men are too frightened to give women the compliments they need. According to the article, women love to be flattered, but distrust the motives of anyone other than their partner doing it.

    Ben Dover bum beads

    When Mick Jagger sang '(I can't Get No) Satisfaction', he obviously hadn't tried a set of Ben Dover Bum Beads. As this Orgasm Army reviewer warns, you'll need to buy two sets to make sure neither you nor your partner feels left out. But be warned: starting to feel like your grandmother (see below) could seriously injure your sex life…

    Cyberskin Pussy StrokerPussy in a can! With plenty of higher-end male masturbators on the market, you probably can't expect too much from something like the cyberskin pussy. Advantages: it's small, discreet, compact, tight and cheap, but for wank nirvana it may be worth shelling out a couple of quid more. And for all the enthusiasm of the Orgasm Army reviewer below - 'I looked forward to some serious wanking' - some of you (towards the bigger end, this chap's being disingenuous when he suggests 7.5 inches is 'modest') may find that it's just a little too tight…

    Vortex Vibrations Suction Vacuum Cleaner Vibrator

    If you want more suck for your buck without ending up in A & E, you can let all those vacuum cleaner dreams come true with the Vortex Vibrations Suction Vacuum Cleaner Vibrator, which we've been promoting with a short film. This Orgasm Army reviewer's quick to point out the shortcoming of our film, though, principally that a clitoris is not mounted on a table. We'll send the Professor back to the drawing board… and in the meantime, check out the review as the voice of experience talks of the highs and lows of vacuum-assisted orgasms.

    Tantus FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo There's no point in pussy-footing around when it comes to sex toys, and it's useless trying to be coy when you have a Tantus FeelDoe Vibrating Silicone Double Dildo in your hand - or indeed up your ass. The following review, from our intrepid team at Orgasm Army, fairly drips with enthusiasm - or is it lube? - as our man discovers the pleasures of what I'm reliably informed is known as 'pegging'.

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