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  1. Toy Joy Shagadelic Vibrator If you can't keep Mike Myers' wonky-toothed superspy out of your mind when you're having sex, or you wept into your pillow all night when the cocktus didn't win our Design Your Own Sex Toy Competition, don't fret! Help is at hand with the Toy Joy Shagadelic Vibrator - even if it is a bit pink for this particular Orgasm Army reviewer. Shag now or shag later?

    Good Vibrations Large Massage Bar Who needs Oil of Olay when you can rub-a-dub with a Good Vibrations Large Massage Bar, straight from the caring hands of the San Francisco company with thirty years of sexpertise behind them? Not this slippery Orgasm Army customer, although we don't recommend you eat too much of it, even if it does taste goooood!

    What's yours called? We know a lot of you like to give your dildos names, but 'Swirly', the name given by this Orgasm Army reviewer to her Love Labs Spiral Massage Glass Dildo 7-inch, just seems - well, a bit short. Mr Swirly sounds much better to these ears… but you can't argue with her enthusiasm!

    Bondage Tape We've featured this before, but in recognition of the Professor's struggle to unravel himself on Sex Toys TV, and the continuing popularity of this indispensable accessory, we ask once more - is there any escape? For this Orgasm Army reviewer of our evergreen favourite bondage tape, the answer is clearly yes. Not that we've heard anyone else complain that they can get out of it - this reviewer's struggles must be a sight to behold. Maybe she should stick to some double lock police handcuffs - but in the meantime she's still managed to have fun with the tape. Read on…

    Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack Anal rookie? Before plunging in at the deep end - or plunging something deep in your end - you might want to consider a set of variably sized butt plugs such as the Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack. With these you're guaranteed a smooth and easy beginner's ride, with the heavier artillery waiting until you're ready for that fuller sensation. Don't just take our word for it, check out what this plucky Orgasm Army reviewer had to say…

    X-Factor Vibrating Cock and Ball Rings 'You know the old adage that if only men had a vibrating penis then they'd be perfect?' Actually, no, they didn't teach that one in my school, but working at Lovehoney is the perfect way to continue my adult education! The following Orgasm Army review of the X Factor Vibrating Cock and Ball Rings, as well as being the source of my shamefully thieved opening quote, is a paean to the joys of cock vibration - for boys and girls. Something for everyone, then…

    Cupids Couch Sex Sofa Fun with a capital F

    Caterpillar Large Dildo Here's a question for all you large dildo fans - we know length and girth are key factors when deciding which mega dong to buy, but how much do looks play a part? Not a lot for this Orgasm Army reviewer, who was sniffy about the ugliness of the Caterpillar Large Dildo, but still found it 'eye-wateringly impressive' to watch his wife filled to the brim with it. Hats off to Mrs Caterpillar!

    Deluxe Silver Sleek Smooth Vibrator Sigh! Do you ever find yourself hankering after the old days of sex toys, when a vibrator looked like a vibrator and didn't pop, glow, whizz or bang with its zillion functions and nano-computers? This Orgasm Army reviewer did - and found herself going back again and again to her trusty workhorse, the Deluxe Silver Sleek Smooth Vibrator. Just don't rub all the colouring off with overuse - apparently it's an unsightly beige underneath. Time to buy a new one…

    Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet Let's face it - it's difficult to find anyone who actively enjoys using condoms. But given the risks of not using them they're an unavoidable item for sex play - and it's worth testing out a few different types to find out which ones work for you. It looks like this Orgasm Army reviewer's made her choice with the Durex Performa Condom and Play Lube Sachet - how about you?

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