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  1. Groovy Japanese Clitoral Vibrator

    After nudging another friend over to check out Orgasm Army (if you haven't been, you should - there is nothing better than to read how other people find the sex toys you're thinking about buying), he read through my reviews and said that he only had two questions:

    "… did you really risk your ass, literally, with those fucking beads?? And that Japanese contraption - is it as scary in real life as well??"

    The first question is in reference to a rather terrible set of very cheap anal beads, whose name I will not put here for fear of giving them any kind of publicity. The second question, though, is a bit more useful.

    This week's Body & Soul section of The Times answers a question from a reader about impotence: "My husband's been impotent for the past ten years of a 37-year marriage. We've seen doctors, tried Viagra, etc, with no luck. Is there a sex aid he could wear?"

    Suzi Godson replies and recommends the Vibrating Padded Hollow Penis Extender, saying:

    "Having done the necessary emotional and intellectual preparation, you and your husband are ready for the fun stuff. If you don't mind, I've had a quick look on your behalf and found a few products that might suit. The 7in (18cm) Vibrating Padded Hollow Penis Extender from Lovehoney comes in flesh or black and has a multispeed vibrator at the tip of the shaft, which is controlled wirelessly and provides his 'n' hers stimulation."

    TongueJoy Vibrating Tongue Ring

    One of my great quests in life is to find better and better toys for couples to use together. Sure, we all love our Rabbits and Fleshlights, but sometimes it's nice to have company join in. After reading the reviews for the TongueJoy Vibrating Tongue Ring, I was almost ready to put it on my wishlist. Or would that be on my partner's wishlist…?

    In her review, imeldaimelda (a Brigadier over at Orgasm Army) said of the TongueJoy, "I've had this toy for some time and I have to say I think it's a really great toy both for couples or singles. I think it's fairly inventive and new, which I think in the sex toy industry is great, because we don't need another bloody rabbit!"

    She had me at "inventive and new", but as is always the case over at Orgasm Army, the real dirt is in the forums. When I chased her up to ask the most important question of all - "Seriously, does this thing numb the bejesus out of your tongue or not?" she was all reassurance: "It's not tongue numbing at all, or has never been for me. But it is hard to move your tongue in the normal way to give a blow job. You have to alter your technique slightly. My partner liked it so much there was no danger of numbness, as I didn't have it on for very long! It really is a great toy, I'm very happy to have bought it."

    When I hear about partner pleasing effects and innovation, you can go ahead and colour me sold.

    Synergy Pleasure System Vibrator For a long time, the Hitachi Magic Wand has been top of the the pile when it comes to mains-rechargable orgasms, but there's a new kid on the block that could be about to give it a run for its orgasmic money. The Synergy Pleasure System Vibrator was voted as one of the top-rated toys of 2006 by sex expert Sue Johanson. But don't just take her word for it, check out the new reviews on Orgasm Army and get ready to reach for your credit card: Synergy Pleasure System Vibrator Reviews.

    "This is the thinking person's toy. So many of the ways to use it will help you to increase your overall arousal rates, give you new types of stimulation, and build intimacy in a couple - it really is more than a 'toy'."

    The Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator Ever since the girls of Sex And The City revealed the magic of the rabbit vibrator to the world, it's been the must-have sex toy for women. And no wonder - its vibrating rabbit ears are able to stimulate the clitoris like no other vibrator have been able to before or since. But if you want to orgasm exactly where Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte have orgasmed before, which Rabbit should you buy? Find out in our exclusive expose of the Real Sex And The City Rabbit Vibrator.

    Pink Lady Wonder Wave Fleshlight Insert No substitute for the real thing? Hey, we knew that already! But the Pink Lady Wonder Wave Fleshlight Insert's got its own charms, as this reviewer discovered - it won't stare at you when it's not being used, and it won't scare your girlfriend! Oh, and did we mention the mindblowing orgasms…

    njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo When the squirt's not flowing, it's time to take drastic measures. If you think squirting's something 'other people' do, think again - that's what this Orgasm Army reviewer used to think, until she got her hands on the njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo, and found herself with a different problem - laundry…

    Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring 'I bought this basically because my husband discovered that I was planning to place a fairly big order with Lovehoney and he was feeling left out!' All together now… aaah! This sorry situation was quickly rectified and our high-spending reviewer got over her lukewarm reaction to the Omazing Vibrating Waterproof Cock Ring for some serious fun. To see just how much fun, read on…

    Royal Maxi Mystique Vibrator Spotted in the Metro last Thursday - Money can buy you love. According to a study by MoneyExpert.com men spend an average of £71 a month on their partners, while women have shallower pockets, spending £20 a month less on their loved ones.

    While at Lovehoney we're obviously fans of luxury sex toys, we don't think you need to break the bank to impress your partner - you can even find bling on a shoestring with something like the gold-tipped Royal Maxi Mystique vibrator, currently on offer in our sex toy sale and 3 for 2 offers. Just remember not to say that it's solid gold! Because she'll only try to pawn it…

    Pleasure Seeker Remote Control Egg We've all been there. Those dull parties where somehow you've ended up stuck in a corner with a sweaty stamp collector insisting on running through the entire backstory of Babylon 5 while your partner looks just as bored across the room. Just think how different it could be if you had a Pleasure Seeker Remote Control Egg to hand, either feeling it buzzing unexpectedly deep inside you or making your partner squeal as the witless droning just washes over you.. This Orgasm Army reviewer's seen the light, and we think you should too!

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