1. The Sex And The City movie has hit cinemas across the nation and fans are already texting us to bag their half price Mr Big Rabbit vibrators.

    We launched the Mr Big Rabbit (which comes with its own Carrie bag!) to celebrate the release of the Sex And The City film and 10 years of orgasms from The Rabbit that was originally featured in the series.

    The Mr Big Rabbit is tall, dark and handsome - just like Big from the TV series.

    If you want to buy the original rabbit, don't be fooled by imitations - check our Sex And The City Rabbit Guide to make sure you're getting the genuine article!

    BTW, if you're not going to see the movie, you can buy the Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator here.

    In the meantime, on the with the cinema tickets!

    Lovehoney Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator - Tall, Dark, Handsome…and BIG!

    Hurrah - the Sex And The City Movie is out today! After months of teasers, trailers, and guessing games, the wait is finally over!

    Even more exciting is that if you keep hold of your cinema ticket you'll be able to buy the exclusive Lovehoney Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator for half price!

    Our gorgeous Lovehoney Mr Big Rabbit (complete with pink satin Carrie Bag!) normally costs £29.99, but you can get one for half price simply by texting us a picture of your cinema ticket and the word BIG in the body of the message to 60300.

    The text costs just 50p plus your normal rate for sending a picture message - a small price to pay for a saving of £15 on this unmissable rabbit vibrator. And delivery is free, too!

    Whatever you make of the film, the Lovehoney Mr Big Rabbit is a 5 star vibe designed to bring Hot Sex To Every City!

    Sinnflut Rechargeable Vibrator

    If I've learned anything from my time on Orgasm Army, it's that when there are a whole pile of good reviews or a whole pile of bad reviews, it makes good sense to listen to the wise soldiers. I've been burned before when I thought I knew better than they, so now I try to make sure that I don't miss out on anything great. Currently making the Must Be Great pile? The Fun Factory Reality Sinnflut Rechargeable Vibrator.

    With six reviews and still holding strong at five stars, it is definitely a contender for making it onto any sensible toy-buyer's wish list. Take it away, soldiers:

    It's still more than a week until the Sex And The City movie hits UK cinema screens, but already fans are taking us up on our offer of a half price Mr Big Rabbit. And here's the proof - the first cinema ticket that was texted to us!

    They're obviously a big fan because the movie's more than a week away but they're already booked in for what looks like the first showing at the Odeon - 2pm on 28 May.

    We launched the Mr Big Rabbit Vibrator as an homage to the original Rabbit that was made famous by Sex And The City 10 years ago. The new Mr Big Rabbit is tall, dark and handsome - just like Carrie's beau Big in the series.

    It normally costs £29.99, but you can get one for half price if you're going to see the Sex And The City Movie - all you have to do is text a picture of your cinema ticket and the word BIG in the body of the message to 60300.

    The text will cost 50p plus your normal rate for sending a picture message. But what do you care? It'll save you £15 on a great new rabbit vibrator. And delivery is free, too!

    Stroke 29

    I have recently had the very good fortune to hear back from someone who asked for help on this blog, who wanted to say that my recommendations…well. Let's just say he was emphatically pleased with his new toys.

    I'll be posting his letter a bit later this week with links to the toys he tried out, but in the meantime, I thought it was a good time to rediscover some of the best toys out there for men who don't like the look of the old fake-vagina toys.

    Unlike men, women have a wide range of toys available - women enjoy vibrators, dildos, bullets, lubes, vibrating panties, dual-tipped vibes… on and on and on. Really, there is no end to the range of toys available for women.

    But what is out there for men, especially for men who do not like the look of anatomically-representative toys like Fleshlight or dolls or other bits and bobs that are made to look like body parts?

    For the man who is a little squigged out by fake pussies, fake anuses, and even fake mouths, It can seem like there isn't much out there.

    But do not lose hope, Men Who Hate Pseudo-Body Part Toys! There are toys out there that are much more discreet, more subtle, less cringeworthy! I present to you, the Top 5 Toys for Men Who Like Cool Toys:

    Sliquid Ride Razor Shave Cream for Men

    In all the running around on the site to get the new and better toys, all flash, vibration, and multi-speeds, we sometimes overlook the less eye-catching items. But considering some of the reviews they get, we might want to pay closer attention. As more and more men are grooming their personal putting greens (for which let me officially thank you from the Ladies Coalition), they are starting to realise what women have known for years - shaving frickin' hurts.

    Razor burn, ingrown hairs, nicks… you get the works. And what hurts on your legs and underarms doesn't get better when it is on your personal areas. I have a bottle of one of the Sliquid lubes and I love it, so I can easily believe some of the reviews that are coming out for the shaving cream:

    Toy Joy Pleasure Bumper Multispeed Vibrator

    How gorgeous is this little puppy? Having just purchased the Aquarius Pleasure Vibe I can definitely testify that the powdery-finished, translucent orange-pink look is just unbeatably lovely. I kind of love that you can get more toys in the line with the same colouring - if I didn't already have a silly number of toys, they could almost woo me over to the idea of buying a matching set of toys.

    What I think is going to make this toy is the position of the bullet and the shape of the clit-tickling pad. The only complaint I had about the Aquarius was that the vibration went all up the shaft and didn't really make it out onto the two probes. But with the bullet on the Pleasure Bumper being so close to the pad, it looks like you should get plenty of vibration where you want it.

    I am also thinking that the shape of that pad is going to be fabulous - it looks like you can get plenty of angle for… well. For want of a better word, grind. Using two AAA batteries, this should have plenty of power, and that it is multispeed is always a bonus.

    I Rub My Penguin Waterproof Vibrator

    Finally, we're moving away from all sex toys for women looking like a castaway penises (or penii) - and how grateful for that are we, really?

    Nowadays you can get vibrators and dildos (and more) in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and functions - there is sure to be something out there to suit all tastes.

    Some of the best toys are stepping away from basic flesh coloured, genital simulators. Not only do these toys rock because they reach areas that others miss, but you can leave them out for guests to appreciate your "art" collection.

    Also, gentlemen, if I may point out… these are the toys you want to reach for when you're hoping to surprise a lady with a new sex toy. She'll be all hot and bothered, but not turned off by something that appears a bit skeevy to her. That is a win for both of you.

    Spartacus Nipple Clamps and Clit Clamp With Chain

    The other day a friend was asking me what the strangest toy I've tested and enjoyed in the line of duty - this is not an unusual conversation, to be honest, I could just about print out response cards - and they were quite surprised when I said that I found a clit clamp as being the most unexpectedly enjoyable.

    Had I never seen a clamp on sale, I never would have picked it up, so I'm happy to spread the word to people who might otherwise think they're not for them. Rather than being excruciatingly painful and awkward to use, I found that it really increased sensation in a most enjoyable way. And as is nearly always the case, the good soldiers over at the Orgasm Army have tips galore:

    The new Number 1 Vibrator - Jessica Rabbit 2.0 It's only been on sale for a week, but already the Jessica Rabbit 2.0 has topped the Lovehoney sex toy best sellers. The weekly chart is like the good old-fashioned Hit Parade, except we count sales for sex toys for him, for her and for couples on Lovehoney, rather than sales of That That! CD singles or Arctic Monkeys downloads.

    The sex toy charts are automatically updated every week based on Lovehoney's sales figures, with no human intervention or Zimbabwean gerrymandering whatsoever. If you want to see what sex toys other people are buying and enjoying, it's the place to look.

    This week, the all-new Jessica Rabbit 2.0 is in with a bullet at number one, knocking the Waterproof Hummer Vibe off the top spot that it had held for 3 weeks.

    Who'll be at the top next week? Keep an eye on our Sex Toy Best Sellers to find out!

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