How to Use a Blindfold for Better Sex

by Lovehoney

on 2 May 2017

Simple, sexy and fun, the blindfold is a must-have for those looking to dabble with bedroom bondage.

Blindfolds are a tool to enhance sensation. Without sight we rely on our other senses much more, so smells, sounds, tastes and physical contact are all enhanced.

Blindfolds also build anticipation as we try to interpret what our partner is going to do next. Variation and anticipation will leave your partner totally aroused - and you'll feel like an incredible lover!

A blindfold holds so much pleasure potential - from sensuality to sex-play around power and control.

One of the questions we get asked most at Lovehoney is what exactly do you do once your partner's blindfolded? Check out these sex tips for using a blindfold to help make your play run a little more smoothly.

1. Stick with what you know:


To begin with, don't overcomplicate things by introducing new moves or toys.

Stick to what you know and play the same as you usually would, the only difference being now you have a blindfold!

The wearer will quickly realise that activities they thought they knew well, like massage, hand jobs* and oral sex, are suddenly upgraded to a whole new level of pleasure.


  • Enhancing hand jobs and oral sex with a simple lube.
  • Building anticipation by leaving a pause between each touch and kiss.
  • Asking your partner to focus on one sense - like your touch, smell or the sound of you breathing - while you play with them.

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2. Skin for the Win:

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Wearing a blindfold immediately heightens all of the wearer's remaining senses, but the one you'll probably want to play with most is touch.

Introducing sensory tools, like feather ticklers, massage candles and pinwheels are perfect for utilising your partner's new-found hypersensitivitiy.


  • Exploring every inch of their body with a feather tickler.
  • Experimenting with temperature play by alternating between chilled lube, and warm massage candle wax.
  • Using a pinwheel for spine-tingling results.

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3. Toy Around:


As we've already said, wearing a blindfold can give a new lease of life to play you're already familiar with, and that includes toys.

If you and your partner already use toys together, bring them out to play and discover a whole new level of fun.


  • Using a bullet vibe to stimulate anywhere external, especially places you've already awakened with a tickler.
  • Intensifying hand jobs with a stroker or vibrator.
  • Asking your partner to use a toy on themselves, while you enjoy the show.

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4. Power Play:


Whether you want to try full blown roleplay, or just fancy taking the lead for a change, a blindfold can make power play less daunting for both partners.

For the wearer, a blindfold can help them relax into a submissive role, whilst also removing the pressure to perform. The sub is also empowered with a safe word that they can use to stop play, should they need/want to.

For the person playing the Dominant role, not being watched can help alleviate nerves, making it much easier to fully embrace the role.


  • Asking your partner to do things to you while they're blindfolded, like performing oral on you, or exploring you all over with their hands.
  • Build anticipation by playing with them, and leaving large pauses between touch. Don't touch them again until they're begging for it.

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5. VR (Verysexy Reality):

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Send your sub on a trip of the mind!

No, we're not encouraging you to take mind-altering substances, but you can send your lover on a holiday of the imagination by playing with their senses.


  • Using audio to transport your partner somewhere exotic or exciting. Sounds of the ocean, tropical birds or woodlands are popular.
  • Use scented candles, insense, sun cream or other aromas to further set the scene.
  • Think outside of the box: use a fan to create a "breeze", change your accent, brush up on vocabulary that will make your role and scene super-convincing.

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Originally published on 2 May 2017. Updated on 5 Aug 2020