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  1. Want to keep your love life fresh? Try something new today

    Your man will get a bird's eye view of your naughty bits in this position, so make sure you're trim and neat!

    Silk Seduction Bondage TiesUsing silk ties on your partner as a form of foreplay can be a huge turn on, especially when combined with oral sex

    You always do it at the same time, roughly the same night, in the same place and in the same position/s. If this sounds familiar to you, you and your lover could be stuck in a sex rut

    Erotic fantasy is the spice of any good sexual relationship, so let yours run wild in the bedroom…

    Doc Johnson Pony Play Butt Plug MediumYou'll be hot to trot when using this kinky little anal number in bed…

    Astroglide Warming Liquid LubeAlthough it's just as much fun for your man to give you a pearl necklace by coming on your neck, this tip is about using an actual pearl necklace to get your man off

    Bouncing around on top of your man is amazing fun and an excellent work-out for your butt and thighs

    You weren't able to ride a bike perfectly on your first go, so what makes you think you can perfect a new sex move after just one attempt?

    Is our upper lip really the key to great orgasms?!

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