1. CAT is a proven sex technique to help you orgasm during penetrative sex, and here's how you do it:

    Sick of getting pubes caught in your teeth during oral sex? Here's a handy hint to help banish them:

    Massaging your lover's feet can be a thrilling aperitif to oral and penetrative sex

    Want a quick fix to feel great and look beautiful? Then it's time to get back in the sack…

    Need some pointers when it comes to achieving an orgasm? Then read this…

    We're not talking about drawing blood or causing superficial scars here, but a sexy bite or nibble of your lover during sex can be electrifying…

    How Do You Measure Up?

    New recruit to the OrgasmArmy, savemenow wrote to the forums recently asking for advice:

    Hey all, I've just started a new relationship with a very lovely guy, everything else is perfect except the sex…He's just way too big for me, he's got to be at least 10 inches…and when we do have sex I feel bruised and swollen inside afterwards, anyone else had this problem, or have any tips/ideas to share.

    Much appreciation xxx

    Learn how to squirt with a vibrator and sex toys

    Learning To Squirt With Toys

    Yes, that's right - women can ejaculate too! And now you can learn how to squirt by yourself with a G-spot vibrator and with a partner…

    Most women are capable of producing fluid when their G-spot is stimulated properly. It just takes time and practice, like everything else that's worth waiting for.

    Before you even get started, it's important to feel aroused (try something from our Female Orgasm Boosters category to give you a helping hand) and ideally to have one clitoral orgasm under your belt already.

    Being relaxed and fully aroused is vital to being able to access your G-spot and massage it comfortably.

    In order to get even close to ejaculating, you need to stimulate your G-spot. To find your G-spot, you or your lover will have to place a finger inside against your vaginal wall and waggle it in a 'come hither' motion. You should be able to feel a raised, textured area that's different to the rest of the vaginal wall.

    Many women feel extra horny during their period, so why not take advantage of your boost in hormones and have a sizzlin' session of sex?

    Knowing the sweet spots of your man's penis will make your love-making technique sizzle!

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