1. Here's a cool position for the kitchen; just make sure your kitchen table is sturdy!

    Artisan Glass Mini Butterfly Butt Plug Flutter away to orgasm heaven with this beautifully crafted butt plug

    Classified Sexy Nurse OutfitUniform Behaviour DVD – Anna Span Volume 3For gold stars in the adventurous stakes, copy the moves you see in a porno film and act them out with your lover

    Oral sex has the 69, now vaginal sex has the 77

    Tell us what you sex tips you really want to read about

    ID Glide Lube Squeeze Bottle 80ml
    It's a fact of life that some guys appendages are quite hefty to handle during sex, but there are things you can do to make it easier on your lover

    When you can't get physical with your lover, get horny by phone instead

    This position is ideal for prolonged sex sessions, so lube up well beforehand…

    Lovehoney User Guide To The RabbitEverything you need to know about using your Rabbit vibrator

    Durex Play Mint Tingle Personal LubricantYou can never have enough tricks in your oral sex bag, so here's a few more you may or may not know about…

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