1. Nervous about friends finding your home made porno films and saucy pictures? Try drawing each other in the nude instead…

    Perfect for these (not so) long, hot summer months, trailing a freezing cold ice-lolly over your lover's body will cool them down while heating them up!

    Pink Lady Fleshlight Your lover masturbates, same as you do when he's not around or when you're horny but too knackered to have sex. Instead of relegating him to a life of tissues and quickies over the toilet, get him a masturbation sleeve and make his year!

    Whatever sex position you feel like performing tonight, make sure it involves you facing away from your lover to maximize the benefits of rear-entry sex

    Become the stars of your very own live sex show… in the comfort of your own home

    Big in Japan, this centuries old form of sadomasochism is fast becoming the new sex fad amongst experimental couples

    Seen the word BDSM before but don't know what it means? Here's a general overview to get you up to speed…

    Hold your breath during sex and you may as well not bother trying to orgasm at all…

    The most fabled porn move of them all!

    Magic Bullet Mini Vibrator A waterproof, travel friendly vibe that packs one hell of a punch.

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