1. A sure-fire way to get an intense session of thrusting between you and your lover

    Give him a helping hand when he's giving you head

    Don't get hung up on trying to fit your man's entire penis in your mouth. The head is the most important part, after all!

    Mind-blowing sex is all about the promise of a night to remember. Set the mood by sending your lover an email he'll never forget…

    With you and your man both seated for this position, sex has never been so comfortable…

    Aria Giovanni Ultimate Erotic Love Doll

    This audio book tells you everything you need to know from blinding blowjobs to sensual sex

    A sizzlin' position that will hit all your hot spots

    You don't need an erection like a rod of iron to have sex…

    There's loads of sex toys your man can use on you during oral sex, but sometimes all he really needs to use is his nose

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