• What's the best gift you can give your girlie? A series of non-stop orgasms, of course!

    Stress levels getting in the way of your sex life? Use steam to boost your libido

    Boasting an excellent angle for penetration and a fully supported position for both of you, there's nothing comfier than The Futon

    Grabbed yourself a last minute holiday and want some fun in the sun? There's nothing more relaxing (or naughtier) then sex in the sea

    SLiquid H20 Intimate LubricantThe most versatile lubricant on the market…

    CAT is a proven sex technique to help you orgasm during penetrative sex, and here's how you do it:

    Sick of getting pubes caught in your teeth during oral sex? Here's a handy hint to help banish them:

    Massaging your lover's feet can be a thrilling aperitif to oral and penetrative sex

    Want a quick fix to feel great and look beautiful? Then it's time to get back in the sack…

    Need some pointers when it comes to achieving an orgasm? Then read this…

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