• Astroglide Warming Liquid LubeAlthough it's just as much fun for your man to give you a pearl necklace by coming on your neck, this tip is about using an actual pearl necklace to get your man off

    Bouncing around on top of your man is amazing fun and an excellent work-out for your butt and thighs

    You weren't able to ride a bike perfectly on your first go, so what makes you think you can perfect a new sex move after just one attempt?

    Is our upper lip really the key to great orgasms?!

    Spartacus Nitrile Cock Rings 5 PackThere's a reason man invented Cock Rings, and it wasn't just to make the penis look bigger than normal…

    Official DC Comics Wonder Woman Costume Don't be threatened by your lover's admission that he fantasizes about someone else – embrace it to bring you both closer in the bedroom

    Most women know the immense pleasure of ass play during sex, so now it's time your man got a taste of the action too…

    Spartacus Nipple Clamps And Clit Clamp With ChainLike the sound of nipple clamps, bondage chains and silk ties? Then it's high-time you spent the night sensually torturing your lover…

    Female Climax Cream A silky cream that boost orgasms while being condom-friendly? Hallelujah!

    No, not the dodgy Whitney Houston flick, but a great rear entry position that's straightforward and ultra sexy

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