1. Liquid Silk LubeVaginal dryness is very common among women and can happen for various reasons, but sex needn't be painful with so many lubes on the market

    It's amazing how many household objects people use to help them get jiggy in the bedroom, and toothpaste has long been a favourite…

    If your lover has a small penis and commonly refers to your vagina as being roomier than a wizard's sleeve, here's how to even up the difference

    Sex Casino Bedroom GamesBring Vegas to you with these hilarious and daring casino-based sex games

    More top tips for shaking your man's love stick

    Steel Vaginal SpeculumGot a doctor-based sexual fantasy? Then we've got just the toy to help you realise it in the safety of your own home

    Rub your man's magic lamp in this position and three wishes will come true: orgasm, orgasm, orgasm!

    Flirt Our First Bondage KitWanna try your hand at bondage but don't know which gear to buy? This starter kit is ideal for bondage beginners…

    Heard the term '69' before but don't quite know how to pull it off with you on top? Here's some pointers to get you started…

    Even though the name is quite vulgar, a tit wank is a great way to pleasure your guy if you're not up for penetrative sex

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