• A well lubed finger is your ace card during oral sex

    Love watching your man in action? This move will make you weak at the knees

    You don't have to have full-on sex with your girl to come…

    Even though the name suggests a fast anal sex position, you can mix it up for varying sensations

    Pasante Mix Flavoured Latex DamsIf you're about to have your first lesbian experience, here are a few general pointers to make your first time a night to remember

    The Waver Bunny Rabbit VibratorLooking for a sexy stocking filler to give your gal this Christmas? This teeny vibe should be top of your list!

    If your guy likes his ass stimulated, forgo your fingers and use your knuckles

    A sure-fire way to get an intense session of thrusting between you and your lover

    Give him a helping hand when he's giving you head

    Don't get hung up on trying to fit your man's entire penis in your mouth. The head is the most important part, after all!

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